Vacation (Part 1)

(I am going to divide vacation post into several – otherwise, this one would be crazy long!)

We went on vacation the first week of October.  We made plans to go to Disney World with our friends, the Morrisons.  Lucy and Daphne had never flown before (Norah was only 21 months when she flew before), so we decided this was the perfect opportunity to fly with the girls.  We knew that driving would involve an overnight stay at a hotel – as well as gas – so opted for an airplane.

We didn’t tell the girls about our trip until about 2 week before we left.  We actually debated telling them the morning we were getting on the plane, but Lucy deals with some anxiety issues. We knew that could cause some problems if she didn’t have time to ask questions and mentally prepare.  We told them over a 5 day period – using clues.  The first day, we gave them an envelope with a the month of October printed out on a piece of paper.  We put an airplane on the Oct. 6.  Clue #2 was a picture of the United States (they seemed to think there was a chance we might go outside the U.S.  Clue #3 was a picture of Florida.  Clue #4 was a picture of the house in which we were staying. Clue #5 included this MadLib and a picture of Cinderella’s castle.

They were thrilled to be going to Disney World!  We kept the fact that Morrisons were meeting us there a surprise until we arrived at the house in Florida.

After a few minor hiccups in regards to our airplane and seat assignments, we actually ended up in business class altogether.  Our flight could not have been better – smooth take-off, smooth flight, smooth landing.  This helped Lucy – as she was a little nervous!

Once we landed, jumped into the rental car, and drove to the house, Kevin and I were anxious to see the girls faces when they saw Morrisons.  Although, their response was not quite what we expected.   Maybe they were in shock – combined with being exhausted from flying.      ImageImage

The best part of the house (besides the fact that everyone had a bed!!) was the pool!  The kids swam almost everyday – except for a couple of days when we were gone until late.

photo 3         photo 2