Pumpkin Festival 2013

We spent this past weekend in my hometown for the annual Pumpkin Festival.  The girls went to my parents on Wednesday afternoon, and then Kevin and I headed up on Friday afternoon.  My brother, Max, and I ran the 10k on Saturday morning, while my sister and her son ran the 2 mile.  Then we all headed to the parade.  After lunch at my parents’ house, we headed down to the festival for some rides.  As always, the girls had a great time.  Norah said that she wishes the Pumpkin Festival happened more than once a year.


My mom and 4 of the grandkids – waiting for Alison, Ryan, Max and me to run by (the 10k goes by their street, the 2 mile goes right by their house).


And there we go!


Max and I – pre-race


Post Race


Alison and Ryan running by Mom and Dad’s house.


Daphne and Kevin watching the parade together


Watching the parade (the VERY long parade) with cousins

IMG_8049 IMG_8050

My brother, Rick, and my dad

IMG_1210 IMG_1213 IMG_1216


This is what happens to a 4 year old after too much Pumpkin Festival fun!  Ha!  Daphne was one tired girl!


As we headed out of town on Sunday, we ran by my cousin, Katie’s, coffee shop, Eli’s.  I grabbed some treats for the girls and my favorite, hazelnut and toasted marshmallow non-fat frap.  YUM!

As usual, we had a great weekend!  The girls are already talking about next year!!!