Vacation Part 6 (and final!)

Friday, we spent a good chunk of the day at Epcot and then headed home.  The kids wanted time to swim and to just hang out!  Again, we weren’t 100% sure we wanted to do Epcot, knowing that it wasn’t as kid friendly as the other parks.  It was definitely worth it for the rides that they do have – and it was kind of nice to only spend part of the day there.

I think the favorite ride was Test Track – but by the time we thought about doing it again, the line was a couple of hours and the fast passes were gone.  We also really like Soarin’ – although Lucy wasn’t sure about this one.  Once we started – she liked it and Daphne said it was one of her favorites of the entire week.  Daphne and I waited outside while the rest of the group went to Mission Space.  Apparently, this was not a favorite for Lucy.  I think she was in tears before they even got to the ride.

We skipped the World Showcase – assuming the kids didn’t care about it.  We grabbed lunch and then headed back to the house to swim!





Saturday we went back to Magic Kingdom for several hours.  Then, we headed home for naps before spending the evening at Magic Kingdom for the parade and fireworks.

Daphne REALLY wanted to see as many princesses as possible, so here is the photo dump of that.







Another favorite of the girls was Story Time with Belle.  Norah participated in the little drama – she was Mrs. Potts.  It was so cute and definitely worth the wait if you have little girls!





IMG_8311 IMG_8320 IMG_1500


We had a FANTASTIC time in Disney – the girls were the perfect ages to experience the “magic” of the trip and still be able to do most of the rides!  Our flight home was uneventful – thankfully!

Vacation Part 2

On Monday morning we went to Hollywood Studios.  We started out at the Toy Story ride – that was definitely the favorite of the day!  For Daphne’s sake we went to a Disney Jr. show.  She thought that was fun – and, actually, Lucy loved it, too!  Norah and Savannah probably thought it was a little babyish, but they were both great sports about it.

Food was tricky and since this was our first day – I didn’t feel as prepared as I should have been.  However, we were able to get Daphne a Power Pack Lunch at Pizza Planet.  This boxed lunch had yogurt, carrots, apple slices, goldfish, and milk.  She was thrilled with this lunch!  There was a breakfast bar in box that was processed with peanuts – so Norah and Lucy shared that instead.

We saw a 3D Little Mermaid show, a 3D Muppet show, and a Beauty and the Beast show.   We had a great day at Hollywood Studios.  We were home in time for the kids to swim, have dinner, and get to bed at a decent time.

IMG_1353 photo (3) photo (4) photo (5) IMG_1356 photo (6)


We just got home from a vacation in Florida. We had a great time. We swam a lot, played a lot, and just had a lot of fun together. My favorite part of the trip was having Kevin with us for 10 days straight. Too bad he has to work today – blah.

Since I have little time for blogging these days, I am just going to post a lot of pictures

Look at that face! Daphne was not a fan of the ocean. The water was REALLY choppy when we were there so the waves were HUGE and loud. Daphne’s most common phrase while in Florida was “Otean scawe me!”

Our first evening at the beach the girls just ran and ran!

While she didn’t like the water – Daphne was content to play in the sound for hours!

Lucy and Norah spent most of their time in the water – but Daphne had them filling up buckets with water and/or wet sand for her.

We rented bikes one day and we all had a great time. Kevin and I got our workout in and the girls enjoyed the ride.

We went on a boat ride to Shell Island and then to look for dolphins. Lucy was not sure about the boat ride at first, but in the end she said she enjoyed it.

There is a dolphin in the picture above.

Daphne is driving the boat!!

The waves were huge the entire week!!

I set Daphne down with just her feet in the water!! She is totally running away!!

Feeding the seagulls

We had a fabulous time. It was so great having a week and a half together to just hang out!! I loved having the evenings with nothing to do but relax!!
Thanks to the Kilgore family for hosting us for Easter. We had a blast! It was great having all the girls together!!
Thanks to the Morrison family for letting us crash at your place on our way home!! It was great seeing you and just relaxing!!