Call to Prayer

Please pray for the Rumbold family (I went to school from kindergarten on with Doug). Their daughter, Jada, was diagnosed with a Wilms tumor – a malignant tumor of the kidney. She is having surgery today – so please lift her and her family up in prayer. Also, Jada’s mom, Jess is pregnant with their third child – due next week. I can’t imagine what they must be going through but I know that God will give them the strength they need to get through the coming weeks/months.

I know that I felt the prayer support of my friends and family as my mom went through her surgery almost a year ago. While I don’t know Jess nor the children, my heart breaks for the whole family. I have certainly given my sweet girls extra hugs today and together the girls and I have been lifting up little Jada in prayer. Please join us as prayer warriors for Jada.

Believing in the Power of Prayer

I just posted this, mentioning that the girls have been praying for some of the children to find families. The first one we began praying for was this little doll:

I mean, seriously, could you just hold her and love her to pieces? Lucy has been praying faithfully for this baby for 1 week (literally, we saw her picture last Thursday). She prays at every meal for her, before school and at bedtime. Faithfully. Everyday. My friend, Erin, emailed me today saying that a family has committed to making “Anna” apart of their family. Isn’t that amazing?!?! Besides that fact that God was totally at work in the life of this baby, my little Lucy has seen his power this week. She is AMAZED that through her prayers this baby has a family. I wish I could describe to you Lucy’s face when I told her. I am so thankful that I got to witness this understanding that prayer is a powerful thing.
I was telling my mother-in-law this story today and she told me that when she prays for Lucy she prays that she would be a prayer warrior. She told me that Lucy’s great great grandma Lucy was a Godly woman and a faithful prayer warrior – hopefully, my Lucy is following in her footsteps.
After rest time today while we were praying for 3 other little girls, Norah said, “Couldn’t we just pray for them all?” Then she wanted me to go through the pictures on Reece’s Rainbow, one by one and tell her – in detail – about each child. I can tell that Norah is saddened to think about these children not having families, especially knowing that many of these children were given up as babies BECAUSE they have a disability.
The other little girls who we are praying for are:
Hmm. I can’t get this one to paste here. Go here and scroll down to orphanage 23.
Will you pray for one of these precious girls? Or are you feeling God’s tug to make one apart of your family? Check out Reece’s Rainbow for more information.

Pray for Little Tess

Although Tess is not someone I know personally, her story touches my heart because she reminds me of Norah.  Tess’ mommy was a year older than me in school and her family (like mine) has lived in Morton forever!  Our parents went to school together (as with Libby and I, not the same class, but you still know everyone) and her aunt, uncle and cousins go to my parents church.  Tess has stage 4 cancer and is at St. Jude in Memphis right now.  Please read her story and pray for little Tess.