I decided to participate in Moments to Remember this week – and hope to more frequently. As a homeschool mom, it is easy to get too caught up in the to-do list (and all the things that are not working) and not take time to enjoy having the girls at home with me. Sometimes it feels like there is more fighting and whining and arguing – because we are together all the time. There are tons of great moments, too, though. The girls get to where dress-up clothes during school hours, they get to learn together, the get to help each other and encourage each other, and we get to each breakfast, lunch and dinner together almost every day! Since I have them with me more than most moms and kids – I want to remember to good things about our homeschooling years!!

The girls each have a couple of games on the I-pad that they get to play during the day if they get all of their other work done. The funny thing to me is that they like to wait for each other to finish school so they can sit together and watch each other play! I love it! Usually Daphne is there, too, but she is a little more. . . fidgety. She is usually climbing on the girls to get a better look and she wants to “help.” Norah’s favorite is Rocket Math, Lucy like Teach Me Kindergarten, and Daphne like Teach Me Toddler. There are a bunch of other apps they love – but these are the favorite educational ones.