Lucy’s Story

One of my favorite things about having a kindergartner is the inventive spelling! I love watching a child’s reading/writing skills emerge in the very beginning! Lucy is totally into writing right now. Usually we get a sentence or two here and there, but today she actually wrote a story and was quite proud of herself.
See if you can figure out what she wrote.

Need some help?
“I bought a monkey. It was crazy. I didn’t know what to do so I put him in the store. He was sad so I bought him again.”

Toothless Grin

After weeks of wiggling, Norah finally lost her front tooth – and at Grandma Jackie and Grandpa Steve’s house!! She looks so grown up!! Norah was so glad to lose it here because Grandma said that the tooth fairy pays more here than in O’fallon. She was right! The tooth fairy paid $2 here!! Norah was so excited!!

When Lucy woke up this morning, she said she saw the tooth fairy in the middle of the night. She said the tooth fairy first looked under her pillow and just before she flew away, she realized there was another girl in the room. That is when she looked under Norah’s pillow and saw the tooth. Lucy said the tooth fairy looks a little like Tinkerbell.

Happy Easter!

Forever, Author of salvation,
He rose and conquered the grave,
Jesus conquered the grave.

Saviour, He can move the mountains,
My God is Mighty to save,
He is Mighty to save.
Forever, Author of salvation,
He rose and conquered the grave,
Jesus conquered the grave.

Daphne’s Easter dress is a tad on the big side, but it should fit her all summer!! She was more interested in Daddy’s peeps than in her own Easter basket. She wouldn’t sit for a picture with the big girls. She was after those peeps!!

Norah – posing for pictures

We had a crazy night/day this year, but the highlight of our Easter this year is that Lucy asked Jesus to come into her heart tonight at bedtime. She has been asking a lot of questions lately about Jesus dying on the cross, what Heaven is like, is she going to Heaven, are the rest of us going to Heaven, etc. Tonight she told me she wanted Jesus in her heart. I told her all she had to do was ask and, in complete Lucy style, she stood up on the bed, threw her arms in the air and shouted “Jesus, come into my heart!” We did have a quieter prayer time after that when she thanked God for dying on the cross and asked him to forgive her for doing wrong things.

Norah and Daphne enjoying Easter baskets together.

A Few Funnies

Yesterday, Norah came up to me and said, “Can you give me $3000?”

I told Norah that I don’t have that kind of money. She responded with, “Then can I have $40?”
Clearly in need of money, Norah wrote a note to Savannah that said, “Dear Savannah, Can you please give me $0.93?”
When I asked her why she needs $0.93 she told me she has $0.07 and she wants to make $1.
(I didn’t let her mail the note by the way.)
Earlier in the week we had tortellini for dinner. Lucy ate all of her and said, “Can I have more of this stuff?”
I said, “the tortellini?”
She said, “Yes, can I have more chinnalanna?” (I have no idea how to actually spell what she said.)
After she had her second helping, she said, “Can I have more chinnalanna?”
I corrected her again and she said, “That’s what I said, chinnalanna.”
Today, Norah said, “I wish we lived in a barn.”
I said, “Do you mean you wish we lived on a farm?”
“No, Mom, I wish we lived in a barn – you know, where the animals live and there is hay and stuff.”
That’s a far cry from this statement.

A Palace and a Few Other Funnies

Today Norah said, “When we move (again not in the plans – she is just dreaming), I really want a house that looks like a palace in the front.”

Lucy responds, “Oooh! Me too!”
This is cracking me up because a week ago, Norah wanted to live on the top floor of a skyscraper in New York City.
As we were shopping for a present for Sawyer’s birthday, Lucy said, “Sawyer is my best buddy!”
As heard over breakfast, “Norah is never going to be my sister again!”

My Buddy

I have to give some background before I give you Lucy’s quote of the weekend. We went to visit my parents this weekend for Contessa’s birthday party. Since the whole family was there, Kevin, the girls and I stayed at my grandma’s – which is down the street from my parents. The girls and I went up on Wednesday and Kevin came on Friday night.

When we sleep at my grandma’s we spread out and take advantage of all the beds. Usually Kevin sleeps with one of the girls in one bedroom and I sleep with the other in the apartment that is attached to the house – but all the way on the opposite side of the other bedroom. Daphne sleeps in the living room of the apartment in the pack ‘n play.
I was putting Lucy to bed on Friday night – before Kevin got to town – I told Lucy that I was going to sleep with her when it was my bedtime. She replies, “NO!! I want my buddy to sleep with me!”
I said, “Your buddy?”
She says, “Daddy is my buddy!”
I came back awhile later to check on her after I put Norah down for bed. Lucy said (while pointing her finger at me), “Don’t forget to tell daddy that he is sleeping with me!”