Happy Easter 2012

I don’t have a lot of pictures from Easter this year. The girls were not super cooperative at the same time – or at all. I am so glad that Easter is not about dresses, shoes, or pictures. I am thankful for the day set aside to celebrate the resurrection of my Savior.

We had a great 4th with the Diehl family! The kids only play together a couple of times a year and they get along great and have a blast together!!

(left to right) Norah, Luke, Bennett, Lucy, Jack Henry, Daphne

Valentine’s Day Bust

Norah spent Valentine’s Day sick with strep throat and an ear infection. She was quite upset because that meant we couldn’t host/attend our homeschool friends Valentine’s Day party. Daphne and Lucy were at Mother’s Day Out so Norah was able to rest in a quiet house – never happens!! She had a hot chocolate and watched Ramona and Beezus. She also just turned a corner when it comes to reading chapter books all by herself (she has been reading chapter books for awhile but always wanted me there right next to her) so she read Piggy Party off and on throughout the day.

Even though we weren’t able to host the Valentine’s party, I still decorated a little for the girls. I hung balloons and cut out heart snowflakes to string around the dining room. The girls enjoyed eating dinner in the dining room that was overflowing with hearts!!
Really – looking at this picture you would think that none of the girls felt that great! Norah really is the only sick one!!

4th of July Fun

We had a great night with the Diehl family. I have more pics to come – just too tired to do it now. Had to post this picture, though. Love it!!

Jack-2 1/2, Lucy-4, Bennett-5, Norah-6, Luke-7, Daphne-17 mo.
We have been getting together on the 4th since before Luke (who is 7 1/2) was born. I think this is the first 4th in a LONG time that there isn’t a brand new baby or one on the way.

4th of July Weekend, Part 2

Last night we went to Heritage and Freedom Fest with the Morrison’s. They ran around and played in the Kids Area – all kinds of free activities put together by some of the local churches, then they rode a couple of carnival rides and then we had a little picnic.

Norah, Savannah, and Sawyer spinning on a teacup. Lucy is not a huge fan of rides so she opted out on this one.

Notice that Lucy is holding on for dear life! Plus, she wanted me holding on to her. Lucy rode the carousel twice because nothing else appealed to her.

Our little Statues of Liberty

Norah, Savannah, and Sawyer rode the Ferris Wheel with Ryan. Again, Lucy opted out.

Daphne’s attempt at the hula-hoop.

Relay race with daddy

Face painting. Lucy opted out of this also. I think she was overwhelmed by all the people. . . and the heat.
Everyone had a great time and was ready to hit the sack as soon as they had their baths!!

4th of July Weekend, Part 1

We started our weekend off by heading to the annual parade. The girls were ready with their bags – and plans to collect as much candy as possible.

Daphne wanted to be in on the action as much as possible, too!!

However, she had to be held or moved away from the street. She did not want to sit still for long!!

I know the bag is in the way, but you can sort of see Lucy’s hand waving. I don’t even know who she was waving to – probably a politician – but I thought it was so cute!!

Happy Father’s Day

Picture #22

I know the light is bad, but we were in a hurry to get to church today so I just snapped some pics and didn’t check to see what they looked like. Oh well – at least they are all smiling!!! Amazing! Oh, and I need to add that Norah is NOT happy that her dress is not showing. She did not like it that I told her to stand in the back! Ha!
Happy Father’s Day to Kevin – You are the BEST daddy our little girls could ask for. While playing dress-up or Polly Pockets may not be at the top of your list of things to play, we all adore you for it!! We love you!!
I should point out that Kevin spent his morning at church helping 45 kindergarteners and 1st graders making Father’s Day crafts for their dads – that is a servant. It was utter chaos as we tried to help the kids use glue dots to glue all of their little pieces down. While we were both sweating by the time we were done, Kevin worked hard to make sure every kid finished their craft before their parent’s came to pick them up.
Happy Father’s Day to my dad – I am sorry it didn’t work out to be with you today, but please know that I am thankful for you. Thank you for loving me and for teaching me about God’s love for His Son. Thank you for faithfully taking my to church every Sunday so I could grow in my faith. Thank you for loving my girls!! We love you!!
Happy Father’s Day to Kevin’s dad – Thank you for raising Kevin to be the loving and faithful dad and husband. Thank you for teaching him about God’s love for His Son! We love you!