4th of July Weekend, Part 2

Last night we went to Heritage and Freedom Fest with the Morrison’s. They ran around and played in the Kids Area – all kinds of free activities put together by some of the local churches, then they rode a couple of carnival rides and then we had a little picnic.

Norah, Savannah, and Sawyer spinning on a teacup. Lucy is not a huge fan of rides so she opted out on this one.

Notice that Lucy is holding on for dear life! Plus, she wanted me holding on to her. Lucy rode the carousel twice because nothing else appealed to her.

Our little Statues of Liberty

Norah, Savannah, and Sawyer rode the Ferris Wheel with Ryan. Again, Lucy opted out.

Daphne’s attempt at the hula-hoop.

Relay race with daddy

Face painting. Lucy opted out of this also. I think she was overwhelmed by all the people. . . and the heat.
Everyone had a great time and was ready to hit the sack as soon as they had their baths!!


Picture #29

Lemonade Stand!
Norah, Lucy, Savannah, and Sawyer had a lemonade stand today!! They made about $12 total – honestly, not as much as I thought considering it was so warm. They were hilarious trying to sell lemonade. We were having a garage sale at the same time so as soon as someone new started walking up the driveway, the kids would yell, “Lemonade for sale! Lemonade for sale!” They would sometimes yell it until the person walked away. They also were a little skimpy on the amount of lemonade they gave people. We had to remind them to FILL the cups up. Cracked us up.

What a Week!

I have been a little out of touch over the last week because life has been crazy – some planned events and some unexpected activities! I think the best way to review the week is with bullet points.

  • Monday – We hosted a Christmas cookies exchange with some mom’s and their little girls (one little brother tagged along because his dad had to work late – he didn’t seem to mind being the only boy). We ended up with about 8 different kinds of Christmas cookies – that is the way to make the perfect plate of Christmas cookies without having to bake them all!!
  • Tuesday – We had a wonderful, lengthy playdate with a friend who is the sister of our babysitters. She is in 4th grade and the girls had a BLAST playing with her and I really enjoyed my visit with her mom who is a dear friend of mine. Tuesday night, Kevin had a client event so he had to work extremely late. The girls and I had an early dinner and the girls hit the sack by 7.
  • Wednesday (here is where we took a detour in our plans) – We were going to have an easy day at home getting school work done and playing, but little Daphne Jane had other plans. She woke up with a fever. . . AGAIN. . . and I took her to the doctor just thinking her ears were not clearing up from the previous ear infection. By the time we got to the doctor, her fever was 103.3. The doctor checked her ears – while she thought they looked clear, she didn’t seem totally confident. She kept saying, “I think they look okay.” They did a flu culture, strep culture, and took a urine sample, but of which came back negative. The doctor asked another doctor to come in to look in Daphne’s ears to confirm and that doctor also said, “the right one looks great and I think the left one is okay.” They were concerned, though, that she had such a high fever when she was still on her antibiotic from the earlier ear infection. They sent us to the hospital to get some blood work done. About an hour later, the doctor’s office called telling me to take Daphne to the hospital immediately – her white blood cell count was really high. I dropped the girls off at my friend, Cherie’s house (thank you Cherie – you are a God-send!) and drove Daphne to the ER at Progress West. Kevin met me there (my sister came later to check in and then picked up the girls to take them home and put them in bed). After attempting 4 times to get her blood, the nurses finally got a sample to send away for a blood culture. They gave her a 24 hour antibiotic and sent us home about 6 hours later. She still had a high fever – 104.4, but the doctor thought we could manage the fever ourselves with motrin. No one slept much that night – Daphne was awake and crying about every hour and a half.
  • Thursday – I already had plans to take Norah and Lucy to see the Nutcracker performed by the St. Louis Ballet. Kevin really thought we should go ahead and go and he would take Daphne back to the doctor (they wanted to see her first thing in the morning). The girls had a blast at the Nutcracker – although, Lucy started to get antsy after about an hour. It was an excellent production! Daphne ended up having another ear infection – not sure if it was missed but the 3 doctors the day before or if it just came on all of the sudden. She is now on a new antibiotic – hopefully this one works. My sister and I took my mom and grandma to see White Christmas at the Fox. We went to dinner first and then to the show – it was wonderful and we had a great time. We didn’t get home until almost midnight and then Daphne was awake again. . .A LOT, so we didn’t get much sleep that night either.
  • Friday – We hung out with my grandma and mom in the morning. They headed out after lunch and we cleaned and cooked like crazy (well, I did. The girls just played and rested). We had our new pastor and his family over for dinner. We had a really great time. They have 3 girls, too, right around our girls’ ages!
  • Saturday – Kevin and Lucy did some Christmas shopping then Norah and I did some. I baked and wrapped presents then we headed out to another Christmas party with the Goods, the Bohlmanns, and the Biggers.
  • Today – Church, of course. The girls’ classes had birthday parties for Jesus – complete with cupcakes! We are headed to yet another Christmas party this evening.
Whew! I’m exhausted after reliving all of that! I should add – Daphne woke up from her nap on Friday a totally different baby. She was happy and playful and HUNGRY!!
Now we are prepping for another crazy week!
Are you ready for Christmas?

A Quick Recap

I know I haven’t posted for a little while, but we have had a MILLION things going on!! Here is a brief overview of all we have done.

I have coffee/dessert with some new friends who are also homeschooling. It was great to chat about our plans for the next year without being interupted by all the children. They have great ideas/suggestions that I plan to incorporate into our day.
Kevin and I went to Florida for a few days. Those of you who know me, know that I stress out about leaving my kiddos – especially when flying on an airplane. I don’t usually sleep well the night before we leave and I have a nervous/anxious feeling in my gut from the time we leave our house until we land safely at our destination (it starts all over again when it is time to leave).
This time, however, I saw God working in my life when our good friends, the Norwines, showed up behind us at the security check. Even more ironic is that they were on our airplane. They were flying through Miami on their way to the Bahamas. They are incredibly busy with teenagers and we, of course, are busy with little ones, so we don’t have a lot of time to hang out. We were so busy chatting/catching up that the time in the airport flew by – and I don’t even remember feeling anxious or nervous. I LOVE recognizing the little ways God reveals himself to us.
We had a great time of relaxing and sleeping. We spent about 2 days on the beach (with LOTS of sunblock and a large umbrella – I have this new found fear of skin cancer and wrinkles) and we ate at some yummy restaurants. It was nice to get away for a few days while the girls played nonstop with my mom.
Sunday, my sister and I (and Nicole, although we didn’t see each other) ran in the All-Star 5K. It was a beautiful day – not too hot with a slight breeze.
Sunday afternoon, my college roommate, Beth, came by while she was in town. It was great seeing her and catching up.
Yesterday we went to one of those bounce house places, similar to Bounce-U. The girls had a great time running around with some new friends (other homeschoolers).
Today, the girls hung out at Heather’s while I ran some errands. We hadn’t seen the Morrison’s in a couple of weeks, so I know they enjoyed have some time with Savannah and Sawyer.
I am trying to get some planning done for our first 12 weeks of school. Besides homeschooling Norah this year for kindergarten, I am also going to do some preschool stuff with Lucy. I have decided to follow this plan with Norah and I am really excited about it.
Through all this craziness, I am also continuing to train for the triathlon. This week I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of the exercising, but knowing I have a little over 5 weeks helps a little. The running is going fine and the swimming is fine. I have been biking 7-9 miles and have to get to 12 before the race, but adding the 3 together is the overwhelming part!!

4th of July

We had a great weekend! We relaxed, enjoyed time with friends, and worked on a few projects!!
Kevin had the day off on Friday – yea!! He went mountain biking with some guys from our small group then he and I worked on a few projects while the girls napped. Kevin took Norah and Lucy to the 4th of July festival that was going on in our community. The girls had a great time. They met up with Morrison’s after awhile. They bounced in the bounce house, slid down the big slide, rode some rides and finished the evening off with a funnel cake!
Later in the evening I asked Lucy if she saw Sawyer. She replied, “Yeah, he’s my buddy!” Cute!
Saturday was a dreary, rainy day! We spent the morning relaxing and playing with the girls. Kevin installed a new dishwasher!!!! Our old one had been broken for about 3 months!!
As fitting with tradition, we headed over to the Diehl’s house after naps (everyone napped – so they were ready for a FUN evening). We had a DELICIOUS dinner! The kids played and played and played. The Diehl’s had purchased a few small fireworks for the dads . . .er, kids to enjoy. The kids attempted this project, but ended up finger painting instead. I put Daphne to bed at their house and JH went to bed too. The dads took the 4 bigger kids to see fireworks. We had a GREAT time! It is always a blessing to hang out with the Diehl family. We were amused at one point in the evening when Luke said, “Norah and I just want to be alone.” As the parents, we figured it is better to allow it now than when they are 15 and 16. Ha!

Jack wasn’t really wanting to be apart of his own family picture, but he saw us getting ours taken, he climbed right up!!
After putting the girls to bed around 10:30, we slept in on Sunday morning. Well, Kevin, Norah, and Lucy slept in. Daphne was awake and ready to eat by 7:30. We worked on a few more projects and then went to our community center to swim in the afternoon. The adult lap swim was open from 3-4 and the kids pool was open until 4. I swam some laps while Kevin and the girls played in the pool. I joined them after about 20 minutes of swimming and we had a great time!! We have lived here for almost 4 1/2 years and this is the first time we have taken the kids to the indoor pool (it was cold and rainy here yesterday). It is so nice!! There is a lazy river and a little playground/slide in the water.
I’m a little sad to see the weekend end because we had a great time!!