Museum Of Transportation

Several months ago, we bought a groupon to the St. Louis Museum of Transportation. It was about to expire (March 26th, I think) so we decided to use it on Norah’s birthday. Kevin took the afternoon off and we met him there after a quick lunch at home.

The weather wasn’t great, but it only actually rained for a couple of minutes while we were there. The rain/hail basically held off until we were on our way home. Then is just down poured. I have never seen so much hail in my life. It was like driving through snow – and the roads were slick!! Daphne slept through the whole thing – which I can’t believe because it was so loud!!

Sunday Field Trips

Ever since last winter when Morrison’s went talked about their day at the zoo for the penguin walk, Kevin and I have tried to find a time when we could go – but with all the snow we have had this year, we knew it would have to be a spontaneous thing! We were heading downtown on Sunday anyway, so we decided to head to the zoo first. The temperature was perfect – about 41 degrees!

If you live in the St. Louis area and have not visited the zoo for the penguin walk – you HAVE to go. It is so cool! The girls were amazed that the penguins would walk right up to them!!
After the zoo – the main reason we were heading downtown – we went to the World Aquarium. I bought tickets, through Living Social (like Groupon), for buy 2 tour tickets get 2 free. I thought it sounded fun and Norah has been studying underwater life this week for school so it was the perfect field trip! This was incredible. First – we didn’t know there was an aquarium inside the City Museum, but we haven’t been to the City Museum in YEARS. Second – The tickets were for an actual tour and ours ended up being a private tour (I think there was supposed to be one other family with us, but they never showed). If you visit the museum – and buy tickets for the aquarium – you just walk around yourself not with a guide. Having the guide made it all worth it – even if you would pay full price. We would totally do this again even if we have to pay the $13 a person (however, we will be waiting until Daphne is a tad bit older – you will see why shortly). I can’t begin to tell you how great our tour was – totally hands on. The girls were able to pet/hold/feed about 3 times the number of animals you would get to if you just pay for a visit and not the tour. Our tour was about 2 hours – and Norah and Lucy did great. They loved EVERY minute of it!! Daphne did great for a while, but since she was going on no nap – the 2 hours was a little long.

Armadillo – girls were able to feed it.

Not sure what kind of frog this is – I had to step away with Daphne at this point.

The girls each had a turn hold the lizard.

Anteater – Norah LOVED this one!

This was OBVIOUSLY the highlight of my aquarium visit (not the sarcasm).


Not sure why this is upside down – but oh well. Daphne was amazed that she could hold the starfish. Kevin is just making sure she doesn’t throw it!

Norah also loved the tortoises!
These were the middle-sized ones. We saw a HUGE one later – but my pictures didn’t turn out.


This guy greeted us as we walked in and Daphne kept shouting “too youd, too youd” (too loud).
Looking back at my pictures – I just realized that we didn’t get many pictures of fish! Ha! We did take some but there was often a glare on the glass. They also fed several other animals but I can’t remember what they were!! I know they fed a sting ray and touched a shark. Of course, we also admired all the beautiful salt water fish in the large aquariums.
If you haven’t been to the St. Louis World Aquarium – you need to go. If they are offering any tours that day – I say, go for it. You will not be disappointed. Just a tip, though, do not dress warmly. It was muggy and we were all layered up for the penguin walk! Whew!

Field Trip #1 – Grant’s Farm

As mentioned before, Kevin and I took the girls to Grant’s Farm. This was our first official field trip. Norah’s science theme for last week and this is farm animals – so we thought Grant’s Farm would be the perfect place for us to go!

We grabbed lunch on the way and headed out. Lucy was totally freaked out by the tram ride – no idea why, but she cried for the first 5 minutes. Once she realized it was no big deal, she wanted to sit up and see the animals!!

The tour guide called this cow an “oreo cookie” cow. Norah thought that was quite funny!

Once we got off the tram we headed straight for the goats. Kevin and Lucy went into the pen to feed the goats. Norah and I stayed outside the pen and Norah fed the goats through the pen.

Besides the farm animals, Grant’s Farm also has zebra, elephants, kangaroo, buffalo, and ostriches. We saw the elephant show – Norah loved this part – which is great because next week her science topic elephants.

Lucy started to have a meltdown (understandable since it was after her naptime) – but we had already seen everything so we headed back to the car. Before we headed home we made a stop at Ted Drewes – we can’t be that close to Ted Drewes and not stop, can we? Kevin and Lucy shared the Apple Pie Conrete and Norah and I shared hot fudge, cararmel sundae with whipped cream. Yum!!

The girls fell asleep on the way home. Norah woke up when Kevin carried her to her room, but Lucy was out cold!