Memorial Day Weekend (Weekly Check-In)

We spent the weekend in Indy with Kevin’s family. His mom’s 60th birthday is this week so we had a little surprise party for her. She knew we were coming over, but didn’t know there would be a party when she got home from work. The kids loved surprising Linda! They were giddy and giggly while we waited for Linda to get home!!

Saturday morning – everyone headed to the parade for the Indy 500. Well, everyone except Daphne and me. Daphne didn’t nap on the way to Indy on Friday and didn’t sleep well Friday night so she needed to stay home and nap. And nap she did – she slept for almost 4 hours while the others were gone.
Sunday – all the girls headed to church while all the boys went to the race. We had Monical’s Pizza for lunch – can’t pass that up when it is an option. Shawna and I headed to Half Price Books while Linda played with all the granddaughters. Ummm, I love this bookstore and so wish we had one in STL. I bought a bunch of chapter books for Norah – 12 for $21. Love it!
Sidenote – not sure what the deal is but one or more of our kids get sick whenever we go out of town. Ergh. Norah is wheezing and running a fever, which means we may be heading to the doctor in the morning. Hopefully, this won’t last long!!
Oh – and I am potty training this week. Daphne is ready so we are going to go for it.

Some Daphne Funnies

Daphne: After getting her dressed, she looked down at her outfit, rubbed her belly and said, “Cute.”

Daphne likes to pray and often shouts “me!” when someone else is praying. Her prayers usually go something like this, “God: Mommy, bear. Daddy, bear. Rah-rah, bear. Si-si, bear” and then she repeats this a time or 2.
Our girls just adore our babysitter, Gaby. I have to agree – she is wonderful. She takes really good care of the girls and plays all kinds of great things with them. The best part is that she loves Jesus and my girls know it and see it every time she comes over (Gaby’s whole family is wonderful! They are a HUGE blessing to us all the time). Anyway, Gaby was on spring break this week so she came over for a few hours on Wednesday. Literally, as soon as we walked in the door from picking her up, Daphne was saying, “bye, mommy. bye, mommy.” She was quite anxious for me to leave!! So much better than the crying Norah used to do whenever we left her!
Last night as I was putting Daphne to bed, I told her we were going to pray. She said, “Gaby?” I told her we could pray for Gaby. As I started praying, I was thanking God for our day and praying for Norah, Lucy and Daphne and Daphne was shouting, “No, Gaby, Mom!” over and over until I actually prayed for Gaby. Apparently, I was supposed to pray for her first.
Today, we were getting shoes and jackets on to run to the grocery and the library. Daphne says, “Gaby?” I told her no so she said, “Gaby, now.” Then as we were driving to the grocery, she says, “Gaby, hug. Gaby, hug.”
Daphne’s little friend, Adler, comes over sometimes on Fridays. His parents have been on spring break so we haven’t seen him for a couple of weeks. Today, Daphne says, “Ladler, cuuuute. Mommy, Ladler, cute?”
Daphne has started stomping up the stairs. It is quite amusing to watch a tiny 2 year old try to stomp up the stairs. She usually shouts at us “Room!” or “Stomp!” just to make sure we know what she is doing!!

Tot School – Red

Our intentional Tot School time has been few and far between. We play, read and color a lot, but I haven’t spent a lot of time preparing any specific activities for Tot School.
This week has been different (so far).

coloring a Kangaroo with a red crayon (Lucy’s letter this week is ‘K’
this week so Daphne wanted in on the action)

building with Lucy

throwing red balls into a bucket

sorting red objects – sparkly hearts, red counting bears, red unifix cubes

Daphne’s first collage – attaching red items to contact paper! She worked and worked on this!!
Daphne is constantly trying to name colors but can’t identify any yet (totally normal, I know) so I thought doing a week of a specific color would give her an introduction to each color. Right now, almost everything is pink – imagine that! This week is RED! She still called everything pink – but I overemphasized that the objects were all red!

And My Baby Turned 2

Daphne thinks she is 9 – but we keep reminding her she is 2. I would like her to stay 2 for awhile – not ready for her to turn 9. (In case you want to look back at some baby pictures, click here. These are my favorite. These pictures show exactly what her hair was like – and compare those to the pics below of her long, light blonde hair.)
Daphne is a crack up! She is definitely the baby of the family – always wanting people looking at her and laughing at her!!

Highlights for 2:
22 pounds – which actually puts her on the growth chart in the 3rd percentile!!
She loves to hug and kiss. Daphne is usually the first one up in the morning (well, she and Lu get up about the same time – but usually way before Norah) and she likes to hug everyone as they are coming down the stairs. She also uses kisses as a stalling tactic at naptime and bedtime. She cries if she hasn’t gotten to give everyone kisses and hugs – even if she actually did, she usually wants to give second and third hugs and kisses.
She loves to spin. She literally spins in circles over and over until she is so dizzy she falls down. She does this multiple times a day.
She likes to dance with Norah and Lucy and she LOVES Ring Around the Rosie.
She wants to walk up and down the stairs – forget sliding on her tummy or scooting.
She takes her bunny (Poppy – as she likes to call her) everywhere. She begs for it if we don’t have it. She still sucks her fingers – she rubs Poppy’s ear which stimulates the finger sucking.
She likes to be wrapped in her blanket snuggly – often telling us “tight” if we forget. Funny thing is that she doesn’t stay that way for more than 10 seconds!
Daphne is in a big girl bed now. She is doing great – really was our easiest transition of all the girls. We left her rocking chair in her room because we still rock her at night. However, we found her curled up – asleep – in her chair. We finally moved the chair out yesterday – which she was not happy about! While I read to her yesterday before her nap – she wanted to sit right on the floor where the chair was.

She makes a silly face – she does this all the time. She likes to make her face for other people too. When her friend, Adler comes over on Fridays, she makes her face at him – every week, multiple times a day!
When she hears Kevin come in the door after work, Daphne goes running to the door, shouting, “Daddy!!” She does this every day.
She doesn’t throw tantrums very often anymore. Instead, if she is told no or doesn’t get her way, she silently drops to her knees and puts her forehead on the ground. Amusing. Norah and Lucy think it is hilarious and only encourage this behavior!
Favorite words/phrases include (but are not limited to):
sisi (Lucy)
rah-rah (Norah)
Ladler (her friend, Adler)
kitty-cat, mow (rhymes with cow, as in meow without the e)
Mommy play?
Mommy sit?
too youd (too loud)
me, down? (wanting to go to the basement if Norah and Lucy are down there)
nanny (banana)
world – with arms overhead (wanting to sing “He’s Got the Whole World”)
guys (in reference to the rest of us – usually said at dinner when she is trying to get us all to look at her)
pizza – she asks for this quite often
pway (pray) – every night at bedtime she makes sure we pray with her. She also uses this as a stalling tactic – asking us to pray several times before we say goodnight. She wants us to pray for everyone in the family so she says, “pway, sisi. pway, rah-rah. pway, mommy. pway, daddy.”
She is putting together 3 words at a time – which is fun to hear. She says things like, “Mommy sit play” or “no, sisi, mine!”
Daphne is hilarious and already quite passionate about her little life. We are so thankful God has blessed us with her life and are really enjoying watching her grow.

*I wrote this post a few days ago but was waiting to post a few more pictures I have – but I think the ones I want are on my phone. Not sure how to get those off – and since I will probably forget to ask Kevin – I will add those later.

Trusting HIS Plan

(photos courtesy of William Good Photography)

Wow. It has been awhile since I last posted. We have been busy but also trying to enjoy this holiday season with our girls. We are trying to de-emphasize the gifts and the hustle and bustle of Christmas and remind/teach the girls that Christmas is about God’s gift – His most precious gift to us.

Among the craziness of our lives – we have been dealing with some health things. In the grand scheme of things, it could be worse. To start with, Daphne is abnormally underweight. About 2 months ago (at 21 months of age), Daphne only weighed 19 pounds. She was average when she was born and has just slowly moved down the charts. She has never been a huge eater (nor are her sisters) and she isn’t going to be a big kid – it probably isn’t in her genes. She also had regular messy diapers. All. the. time. I always used the excuse that it was because she was teething or because she eats TONS of fruit. Still I questioned the doctor. Finally, the doctors wanted to do some weight checks and do a full blood work up and check for food allergies. Thankfully, the full blood work up showed that everything was normal, but the she is allergic to eggs and peanuts. We didn’t know how serious yet so the pediatrician said we should stay away from peanuts and eggs – and anything containing either food – until we see an allergist. While I was concerned, I assumed it wasn’t a huge deal.
However, our time at the allergist proved me wrong. The results of the scratch test show that on a scale of 0-4+, Daphne’s peanut allergy is 4++ and her egg allergy is 4+. We are shocked, but after about a month on an egg-free diet (side note: she had only actually had peanut butter one time and ended up with a rash), Daphne’s diapers have been totally normal and her eczema is gone completely (we didn’t even realize the eczema might be related). She has also gained 2 pounds – 10% of her weight in a month!! She is sleeping better and is much happier. We went through a stretch of time with a very unhappy toddler who NEVER slept.
At this point I feel slightly overwhelmed. I know that we will make the needed changes, but there is more fear in knowing her allergies are so severe. The idea of having to show everyone who might watch Daphne how to use the epipen – the idea that we have to have the epipen on us all the time – sort of freaks me out a little. The allergist told me multiple times that this is a deadly allergy and that we have to take this very seriously. The idea of leaving her makes me incredibly nervous. Some how I think that I have more control when Daphne is with me. And then the Holy Spirit nudges me and reminds me that God is in control. He has a plan.
On Sunday our pastor said that we can’t be anxious in our own weakness or inabilities, but we have to TRUST in HIS ability.
As I said earlier, we have thanked God that she is really sick or anything, but this is just a lifestyle change for us. Peanuts/peanut butter and eggs are everywhere, in things we didn’t even realize until we had to pay attention. Kevin is sure that in no time – this will all seem normal to us. I sure hope so.
For now, though, I am going with this, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” Philippians 4:6

Tot School

Tot School
(19 months)
Last week Daphne just did some really random things for Tot School. This is one of her favorite books right now. We also read this one alot.
Daphne enjoyed using this Shape and Color Sorter. She took the shapes on and off and on and off. Lucy also joined in on the fun – but was a little stressed that Daphne was not actually sorting by shape or color.

Daphne continues to LOVE coloring. She is always so focused and she BEGS to color every day – especially if Norah or Lucy is writing/drawing/coloring.

Lucy was working patterns for school last week and Daphne thought she needed to join in on the action. She worked really hard taking the unifix cubes apart and putting them back together.

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