Happy 5th Birthday, Daphne Jane!

Gasp.  Does that say 5th?  Ummm,  I think she was just born – there is no way that was 5 years ago!IMG_8451

Here is the link to my first post of Daphne.  Here is the link to one of my first posts about life with 3 kids.  Looking back at some of these posts is cracking me up!  I do NOT remember those first few weeks of have 3 kids!IMG_0730

We have watched Daphne grow up over the last year.  She is definitely queen of her own little world.  She loves all things princess and mermaid – typically, pretending to be one or the other (or both) most days.   Specifically, right now she is a little obsessed with Ariel and Elsa.  She is trying to mold those 2 princesses into 1 so she can be a mermaid and an ice princess.  Ha!  She is the most creative in her play and actually loves to play by herself.  She will gladly play with her sisters or friends, but she doesn’t need others to stay entertained.  She loves to sing, dance, and dress-up!  She rarely wears normal clothes – unless we are leaving the house, she is almost always wearing dress-up clothes.

She is still a mama’s girl and tends to be hesitant in new situations.  She is still pretty quiet at Mom’s Day Out, dance, Sunday school, etc, but at home, she rarely stops talking.  She has lots of questions about things going on around her and she is definitely thinking abouthow things work.  

Finally, after about 3 years of not sleeping well, she is back into a good habit.  I thought for sure when we broke her of her finger sucking habit, that we would be back to not sleeping well.  Thankfully, that is not the case.  She is usually super snuggly in the mornings and likes to have a little bit of time alone with one parent or the other before her sisters wake up for the day.

Here is a photo dump of pics from the last year!!!  Enjoy!

IMG_0342IMG_0353IMG_0356IMG_0426IMG_7245  IMG_1318IMG_1615IMG_8516 IMG_8565

Valentine’s Fun!

Tot School

The week leading up to Valentine’s Day – Daphne’s Tot School theme was love and hearts. We read Guess How Much I Love You, You’re Lovable to Me, and Roses are Pink Your Feet Really Stink. Much of our activities came from Over the Big Moon.

Working on one-to-one correspondance – putting one heart eraser into each heart cube.

Spooning the hearts into the ice cube tray

Working on Valentine’s number puzzle

Daphne loves to do “which is different?” pages – I think she actually likes using the dry erase marker.

Valentine’s Day sensory box – rice was the base and then we filled it with Valentine’s goodies as well as some things for scooping.

Matching shapes puzzles
We ended our Valentine’s theme with a little Valentine’s party. The girls were excited to have some friends over for food, games, and goodies!!

Daphne – 3 years old

I just realized, while I blogged about Daphne’s birthday party, I never actually did a birthday post. So I realize I am well over a month over due – but better late than never, right?

Statistics –
Daphne is 36 inches tall (50%) and 23 pounds (under 3%). She grew 3 inches since her 2 year old check and she gained 2 pounds. She is still tiny – but the good news is that she did actually gain some weight because between 18 months and 2 years, Daphne actually lost weight.

Daphne talks all the time. I mean all. the. time. She always has questions and/or comments about something. About 50% of the time she is saying something funny and crazy. She is really the clown of the family and she loves having people watch her.

Here are some of the funny things she has said/done recently:
Daphne, how old are you? “thixthteen”

Me: Thanks for the sticker.
Daphne: Don’t say thanks.
Me: Umm, why?
Daphne: Cause it’s rude.

On a warm day in January, the girls and I went to the zoo. As we were walking through River’s Edge, I overheard Daphne say, “we go see aging ellie-fats” otherwise known as asian elephants.

Daphne was cutting with scissors. Me: D- You are cutting upside down. Your thumb goes up.
Daphne: I NOT care.

Daphne wasn’t very happy about sharing her birthday month with me. The day before my birthday, Lucy said, “Daphne, tomorrow is mommy’s birthday!” Daphne’s response, “Noooooo. It MY birthday, Luthy!” Then on my birthday, she kept saying, “It my birthday next. You make cake for MY birthday. You make it today?” At bedtime she said, “NOW it my birthday.”

Daphne alternates between claiming to be a big girl and the baby. Depends on the situation – if she is trying to get out of trouble, she tries to snuggle up and reminds me that she is my baby. If she wants to do something that I already told her she was too little to do, she tells me that she is a big girl.

Daphne is definitely the most outwardly loving of the three girls. She is constantly hugging everyone. She is always hugging and hanging on me. I often have to peel her off of Kevin before work because she needs, “just 1 more hug.”

I think Daphne was born a ballerina. She pretty much lives in a leotard, walks on her tiptoes, and spins. She also does this little break dancing thing on the ground. She just cracks us up!!

Daphne is obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She begs everyday to watch. She sings along with the theme song – and never misses a word!

Daphne is definitely a joy and a blessing to our family. She makes us laugh every single day and we can’t wait to see what God has planned for her!!

Here are some pictures of Daphne from the last year – there are a bunch of pictures. I couldn’t narrow them down (the quality of the pictures isn’t that great – they are all from my phone. They were just too funny to pass up!!)

Daphne often picks out her own clothes – especially if we aren’t going anywhere. You will notice that a theme throughout these pictures is that she doesn’t care whether or not she matches.

She referred to herself as “Princess Daphne.”

The middle of winter and Daphne is seen in a swim suit.

Daphne doesn’t nap often, however, when she does nap, it is never in a normal position. Here she is with her hooded bath towel on her head. Don’t worry – I took the towel after right after I took the picture.

Daphne wanted to help clean so I gave her a new sponge. She climbed in the tub and decided to “clean.”

And here she is . . .in her clothes hamper. This is a weekly event.

I am only guessing that the sun must have been in her face.

Don’t we all play with play-dough in a gold hat?

This is one of my favorites!!

Even if the leotard is 2 sizes too big – it still works for her!

Bed head – that was fun brushing through

She is a girl who gets what she needs.

Apparently she needed to be really close to the tv!


As a former preschool teacher. . . . I know that sensory/art experiences for kids are important. It was easy with Norah to paint – I only had to clean up one kid. No big deal. Adding Lucy into the mix made things a little trickier, but I still made the effort regularly. Then Daphne came along. Wow. The thought of getting the paints out now is overwhelming. Norah and Lucy paint frequently . . .when Daphne is resting, but I am pretty sure that at almost 3, Daphne had never painted before. Oh, wait, there was the one time when someone drove through our fence and Kevin put up a piece of plywood so the kids could still play outside safely – we let the kids paint the plywood.

I saw this cute idea and knew this would be the perfect project for Daphne. I loved it because the first step was to paint a 18×12 sheet of paper with fall colors. The only goal was to cover the whole page with paint – didn’t matter what it looked like.
I thought the best method with the least amount of mess would be to strip her down. Daphne was not a fan of this – but as soon as I handed her the paintbrush, she was over it!

Where To Begin

Well, as usual, life has been crazy. From talking to everyone else around me, this seems to be the norm. Some days, I wish life would slow down, but I don’t think that is possible with 3 kids!
We have had a lot of fun over the last several weeks/weekends – but we are looking forward to several weekends at home!!
Some brief updates –
Norah continues to LOVE reading. This girl spends HOURS a day reading! She usually reads about 30 minutes during our school day, then at least an hour during their independent quiet time and then about an hour before bed. She totally zones everyone and everything out while she reads (gets that from me!!). The tricky part is finding books that are challenging enough, but has age appropriate content for a 7 year old. She loves the Boxcar Children! She insists on reading them in order so she often has to wait for one to be returned from the library! She also has read several books from the Classic Starts set and Illustrated Classics.
She also continues to question the need for spelling in her school day. I am constantly telling her that spelling is one of those things that you just have to do to be a better writer. My question – would anyone really say that spelling was their favorite subject? However, it is still important!!
Norah is really into sewing right now. My mom bought her this book for her birthday and Norah read through it cover to cover. She made a pin cushion and has
her eye on several other projects to make for gifts for people. She is surprisingly patient and doesn’t get too frustrated when she makes a mistake. I
hope this continues!!

Norah is really into making tents or forts. She often has blankets draped over pieces of furniture! Kevin made the girls a teepee this year so they play in that often too!
Lucy is slowly adjusting to her school schedule. 5 days a week has been a major adjustment for her – by Friday she has lost a lot of focus and really doesn’t want to do much school!! She loves math – totally the opposite of Norah! She is really doing great with her reading. She has read all of the Fun Tales and is working her way through the Bob Books.
Lucy’s most recent fascination has been with making paper dolls. She literally makes them from scratch on cardstock and they are so cute! She has about 40. Yes, 40. She worked so hard!!

Lucy is 3 nights in to breaking her finger sucking habit. . . again. This time seems better already! She seems to get it this time and is really trying – even during the day. She is wearing gloves – just like Norah did. I know it seems cruel, but the dentist confirmed that this is the best way to go about it and knowing Lucy is probably not far from losing teeth, we knew we needed to start working on it.

Lucy LOVES to dress-up and dance. She usually has a princess dress on and is twirling to the music. Her favorite cds right now are this one and this one. Let me tell you how funny it is to watch her twirling to God Bless America in her princess dress or leotard. She belts it out as she sings too!!
I don’t even know where to begin with Daphne. Wow – she is a spit-fire. She has tons of personality and she is constantly cracking everyone up!!
Some recent quotes:
“Mom, you go to p**pcamp today?” She says this everyday and cracks herself up every time!
“You not feat me. I mustateer!” (quote from Barbie “you cannot defeat me for I am a muskateer”).
“On guard. Huh-uh” while pointing anything resembling a sword
“I not weawy hungwy!!” – She tells me this at every. single. meal. not kidding. However, when you are almost 3 and still only weigh 21 pounds – we do not negotiate at meal time!
“I not have to go p** p**” – She tells me this whenever I tell her to sit on the potty. every. single. time! Oh, and she screams it!
“You want bwaid or pigtails?” Brushing my hair is one of her favorite things to do right now – and she is surprisingly gentle.
“I don’t like it. I LOVE it, LOVE it, LOVE it.”
Daphne LOVES to pretend and by herself. If I try to play with her or talk to her while she is pretending, she usually tells me, “I not talk you. I talk to my peoples. I play myself.”
Funny story – this morning our church had its annual serve day. We were at a local park painting picnic tables. The kids helped part of the time and played part of the time. When we finished painting the kids were all playing and I was trying to round them up. Daphne didn’t want to leave so I told her, “Let’s go see what daddy is doing.” Kevin was down a little hill under the pavilion. I picked her up and started walking toward him. She started yelling, “Not that way, this way” while pointing the opposite direction. I said, “Daddy is down here.” She replied, “I not see that daddy. I see my other daddy” and she points at some random man playing with his kids.
This picture was totally not posed!! I walked into the living room and saw Daphne like this. No one else was even watching yet!!
I have tons of pictures to post from the last couple of months so I will hopefully get to those soon!!

First Day of School

We started school on Thursday and because no first day of school would be complete without pictures:

Lucy – Kindergarten (ahh! when did this happen!)

Norah – 2nd grade
(look here and tell me what the most noticeable difference is from last year)

Daphne – not to be left out of the “first day of school” pictures
(look closely at her eyes – she was actually running a fever of about 102 on that day)

. . .and they are ready to go! Poor Daphne tries to keep up even when she feels miserable.

A Train Ride

Daphne was playing quietly in the basement (which isn’t always good with a 2 year old) so I peeked down at her and this is what I saw. I grabbed the camera and asked her what she was doing. She replied, “Waiting for train.” When asked where she was going, “to Thlorida (florida).”