2011-2012 Curriculum Choices

Here it is – our curriculum list for this year.

I will start with Norah:
My Father’s World for History, Geography, Bible and Science
Spelling Power – spelling, obviously:)
Writing will consist of a little bit from Writing with Ease and Games for Writing
Art – A little from here and a little from an Art textbook a friend gave me (this same friend is an art teacher and she often blesses the girls by giving them art lessons!)
Read alouds – many of them are recommended here and here (a list of 1000 – that really narrows it down for me, right?)
My Father’s World for reading and Bible. We are also using this to help with sight words.
Lucy will also do a few activities suggested in Games for Writing.
Lucy is joining Norah for history, art, and science.
Her read alouds come mostly from this list.
I think that about sums it up – although, I keep thinking I am forgetting something. Our history this year is American history – the girls are excited about it. They can’t wait to learn about the pioneers!
I will save Daphne’s plans for a post of its own.

School Planning on the Brain

Wow. After blogging every day in June – I have really slacked off in July. Oops. We have had a lot going on – playing with friends, painting, swim lessons, gymnastics, curriculum ordering and planning. Planning for first grade seems much more time consuming than kindergarten – more subjects, more time on each subject, etc. Plus, I am homeschooling Lucy for pre-k this year – so that is planning for an extra child. AND, I am taking over for Heather babysitting baby C (although, part time for me) so I would like to have some Tot School plans put in place for him and Daphne. I feel like all I am thinking about right now is school stuff.

Here is a quick overview of my curriculum choices for Norah:
History/Georgraphy – Sonlight Core 1
Spelling/LA – Sonlight
Readers – Sonlight
Math – Singapore Level 1A (we actually started this in late summer – so we will be finished with it about 8 weeks into our new school year)
Handwriting – Rod and Staff (Rod and Staff is a curriculum written by Mennonites – therefore, they do not have a website)
Character Training and Life Skills – Little Keepers at Home and a little bit of this.
I also have to decide on art and music, and I need to have Norah decide whether she wants to do gymnastics, soccer, or dance.
Hmm. Looking at my list typed out – this looks like a lot! The good thing is that we won’t do every subject every day – so maybe it won’t seem so bad.
Oh, I should also add that I am doing my planning and record keeping online this year. I am excited to try it – not sure how it will go because I am so used to having my paper plans in front of my.