The Play-by-Play of the Trip Home -by Kevin

Hate to wake this guy, but we need to catch a plane.  Our first flight is from Sofia, Bulgaria to Frankfurt, Germany.  Bags are checked, made it through security and passport control. Thanks to security for moving us to the front of the line. Passport control had all kinds of questions like, “where is the mother, is she Bulgarian”. She didn’t like my answers of “at home in the US, and no she is not Bulgarian”. Needless to say she wanted to see some additional paperwork but finally let us through.


First flight down. He did pretty well. I gave him the window seat. He fell asleep on me for about 45 min. We are chilling out waiting to board our next flight in about 1 hour 45 min. I have to say that I am not a big fan of the Frankfurt Airport.

10418382_10204208882965429_4141737637755943685_n 10457836_10204208882525418_2157969522311720751_n 10350545_10204208883205435_454647861977954577_n

Got a late start out of Frankfurt. Sat on plane for a little over two hours before taking off. We left about an hour and thirty minutes late. Will see what happens. This little guy isn’t phased. Wifi over the ocean, what will be next.10363637_10204210809613594_4009691450957035316_n

The good news is you can say hello to the newest American Levi Ergin Swinigan. Bad news, I think we are missing our next flight.

This kid is amazing. As of now I am on a standby to STL @ 8:05. Chances are not good. If no standby, then 9pm to Springfield, IL. I will get this kid to his mom somehow tonight.
We have boarding passes for a flight that leaves in 30 min to Springfield, IL. Levi still doing well – good thing he has his thumb. Heather and a friend are picking us up. Thanks for all the other offers. Heather at least got to see all the dance recital and will get to see Levi today, so it all worked out. Thanks for following and the prayers. And the in words of the famous poet Ozzy Osbourne “Mama I’m Coming Home”. By the way, I’ve been up for 25 hours.
We made it to Springfield!  This guys has a big smile while waiting for his mommy.
 Levi and mommy FINALLY reunited!
1904185_10204215997783295_2056992570265666064_n10407587_812859028725132_5055893547726894130_n 10441359_812858988725136_5197979768804818185_n
Thanks to our good friend, Will, we all made it safely back to St. Louis.  So good to be home.

One thought on “The Play-by-Play of the Trip Home -by Kevin

  1. Any updates??? I keep checking back. I hope things are going well and the darling little guy is getting adjusted to having a family. God bless!

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