Adoption Trip #1 Recap

We have officially been home for almost 4 weeks – celebrating birthdays and trying to get back into a normal routine.  We are glad to be home – we definitely missed the girls a lot – but it was very hard to leave Levi there.  The visits continued to go well all week.  As the week went on, we noticed a huge difference in how Levi acted with us.  On Monday, he was very much like a rag doll – he seemed lifeless and blah.  He had a glazed look on his face and just sort of sat there and stared.  We worked really hard to get him to smile and/or laugh – he only gave us a few of each, but each smile was very sweet.  The more time we spent with him, the more Levi seemed to initiate interaction with us.  He started touching our faces, grabbing my hair, and even reaching for us by the end of the week.  We are so anxious to get him home – into a loving environment – and, hopefully, see him thrive!

We only had one visit with Levi on Friday – it ended up being a longer visit than most of our morning visits.  Knowing it was the last one, we were fine with it until we realized the orphanage staff forgot to bring him lunch.  Hmmmm.   Levi seemed a little uncomfortable – never really cried – but we could tell he was really hungry and tired.  By the time Levi finished eating, he was really tired.  This made the goodbye somewhat easier because we knew he was really ready for bed.

It really is . . . bizarre.  We spent several hours a day with this little guy for whom we have prayed for several months – and then after a week, we just leave.  After holding him and interacting with him, we both definitely felt a connection with Levi.  I didn’t know if it would feel forced or awkward – but it really wasn’t either of those things.   Now, we wait.  All of our paperwork is basically done on our part.  We are waiting on a few things to come back to us so we can get it all to our agency.

We have definitely seen God’s hand at work – from travel to our time with Levi to the friends we made while we were there to the safety/health of the girls while we were gone.  We appreciate all the prayers that have been and will be said as we continue on in this journey.

As a side note:  My friend, Kasey, has organized a fundraiser for our adoption.  If you have ever thought about trying essential oils, you can do so in the month of February and a portion of the proceeds will go toward our adoption.  YL fundraiser


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