Random Happenings

So much has happened over the last couple of months.  I am just going to throw it all on here before I forget everything!

– When we got home from vacation, we decided to work on breaking Daphne’s finger sucking habit.  We started the first night we were home. My theory was that because she was EXHAUSTED, maybe she would fall asleep easily despite wearing gloves.  We did this with Norah and Lucy – and, while it worked, the first several night were awful.  Lucy sucked her fingers again about 6 months later and we had to start all over again.  Daphne is definitely our most strong-willed child so we were both concerned that it would be awful.  She proved us wrong – breaking her habit was much easier than Norah and Lucy!  Now she is glove free and not sucking fingers – woot, woot!


– We have our travel dates for Trip 1 of our adoption!  We are so excited to get to travel soon!  After thinking about it for 7 months, it is hard to believe it is finally almost here!  I will try to update our blog as often as I can once we actually get there.  We are planning like crazy – for the girls to be with grandparents, for us to be gone, and for the time we are with Levi in the orphanage.

– Norah and Lucy are playing Upward basketball this year.  They both wanted to try it – even though that have no basketball experience!  If they get their skills from me, they may not play more than one ‘season.’ Ha!

– We went on a couple really fun field trips in the last 2 months – one to The Fabulous Fox Theater and one to see The Nutcracker.  We see The Nutcracker almost every year, but this was our first time to tour The Fox.  It was pretty cool to see ‘behind the scenes.’   I love being a part of a homeschool group – we get to do so many field trips that I probably would never think of doing!



My mom went to see The Nutcracker with us.Image

The girls Lifelight Youth Theater director set up a question/answer with some of the dancers.  







Kevin’s mom came to The Fox with us.  It’s always fun to have grandparents join us!

– Daphne lost a tooth already – she is only 4!  Norah lost her first at 4, but it is really hard to believe.



– After claiming to not like reading and taking a little while to pick it up, Lucy is now doing great!  She still prefers to read to someone – instead of to herself, but she gets really into the books we read together.  She is also great about reading to Daphne – every once in a while we wake up in the morning to the two of them reading together.

– We celebrated Christmas with my family over Thanksgiving weekend.  That was the only weekend that worked for all of us to be together.  It made for a crazy couple of days – but everyone had a lot of fun!





Norah received a rainbow loom from Max and Denise.  Denise spent a long time helping her and Ryan make various bracelets.  They loved it!




– We took the girls to see Frozen a few weeks ago.  We all thought it was a great movie!  Daphne, however, is OBSESSED with it.  She asked us to change her name to Elsa because “I do look just like her with my white hair and blue eyes.”  Ha!  She sings ‘Let it Go’ constantly – at the top of her lungs.  She also pretends to freeze us all. the. time.

– Norah is Mrs. Potts in their spring musical.  She is thrilled!  She even has a couple of solos!  If you would have told me when she was 5 that she would be singing solos in a musical by 4th grade, I would not have believed you!  

– Norah lost a molar – seriously, that is disgusting.  She has another one that is really loose already!  

– We had one big snow before Christmas.  We were only supposed to get about 2-4 inches, but we ended up with 9!  It stuck around a lot longer than it usually does around here.  The girls played in it for about 5 days straight!  




 The girls and Kevin made a fort.  I stayed inside where it was warm!


Poor Hugo wanted to go on a walk but he really doesn’t like the snow.  We took him a couple of times once the snow started melting, but he still had to jump/climb over some big piles of snow.  The girls loved going on a walk through in the snow – they laughed and fell and laughed some more! 

Enough random-ness for now – one more picture, though!




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