Verbal Referral

We have been waiting for our verbal referral.  The “normal” timeline right now is that a family’s dossier is submitted to the IAC, 2 weeks later they receive their verbal referral, 3 weeks later they receive the written referral and travel dates, and then travel dates happen 4-6 weeks later.  

We had a hit a point where we were starting to wondering why it was taking so long to get our verbal referral.  We have heard the waiting is so hard, but as busy as we are, we hadn’t felt that – until last week.  This morning I had prayed that I would be a peace no matter what the timing is.  I know that God’s timing is perfect.

About 30 minutes later, I checked my email and had an email that said this, “Not only has your dossier been approved, but the written referral was signed today and you have TRAVEL DATES!!!!”

What?!?!  Are you kidding me?  Praise Jesus!  We really thought we would be traveling the end of January/early February.  Now we get to travel sooner than that.  

It will definitely be a crazy month or so as we get ready for Christmas and to travel to Eastern Europe!  


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