Balloon Glow

Every year we miss the Balloon Glow because it is usually the same weekend as Pumpkin Festival.  This year, however, the 2 events fell on different weekends.  On Friday evening, we grabbed dinner and headed down at a decent time to find parking.  The girls were a little feisty before hand – so we almost didn’t go.  I am so glad we went!  It was really fun and a very cool experience for the girls.  

Funny thing – Norah and Lucy loved it, but Daphne was not so sure.  Every time the balloons would fire at the same time, she would cry, “When can we go home?  I just want to go home!  How do we get out of here?”

We didn’t stay for fireworks.  It had poured all day long so the ground was soaked!  Having never been, we didn’t know what to expect so we didn’t take blankets or chairs or anything.  I certainly didn’t mind getting home before it was too far past the girls bedtimes.






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