It’s A . . . .

BOY!  We have committed to a little boy from Eastern Europe.  He turned 2 in July and we are super excited!   I am still trying to figure out how much information we can share on our blog.  We are working on getting a button for the blog that will stay on the first page of our blog (instead of getting lost between posts), but for now, here is the link to our page on the Reece’s Rainbow website.   If you don’t know much about Reece’s Rainbow take a look around the website while you are there.  Reece’s Rainbow acts as an advocate for orphans with special needs.

Back to our little guy.  His code name (they are not allowed to list birth names on the website) is Brandon, but we plan to call him Levi.  We are going to keep is actual middle name  – but I cannot share any of his birth name until the adoption is final.

As for where we are in the process:

After a few minor hiccups, we sent our dossier today to our contact with our adoption agency.  She will get it to the country from which we are adopting (again, we are only allowed to say Eastern Europe on here).  It will be translated and then submitted to the government there.  We are waiting on I-800 approval – which we have been told could take up to 90 days.  Although, from what we have seen, it doesn’t always take that long.   Once everything is submitted, we wait for travel dates.  We will take 2 trips.  The second trip can be anywhere from 3-6 months after the first.

At this point, some things have taken longer than expected and others have taken less time than expected.  We are at a point right now where we have done everything that we can do – so now it is in the hands of others.  We are trusting God’s plan and HIs timing with everything – although, it is hard.  Once you see that sweet face and imagine what orphanage life is like, it makes the waiting very difficult.

I know I have mentioned this before, but we definitely appreciate your prayers as we work through this process.  There can be a lot of bumps along the road that can be frustrating and discouraging.  However, we have already see God at work – even as we committed to Levi.


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