This and That

We started school about a month ago already.  I was ready for more structure as were the girls.  We have still tried to throw in some normal summer stuff – like going to the park, the pool, shopping, bike riding, etc – once the girls get their schoolwork completed.  So far, so good on our curriculum choices.  I made some major changes this year – for one, I am putting together my own history curriculum.  Why?  I don’t know.  I may just be crazy.  I have tried a couple of different ones over the last couple of years and haven’t loved any of them.  This year I am using the Mystery of History as my outline but I am tweaking it and adding/subtracting from it quite a bit.  I love doing it, but I also know it could get old – as crazy busy as we are.  For now, however, it is working.  

We are using Magic School Bus Young Scientists Club for science this year (we bought a voucher from Educents for 1/2 off the club).  We spend the first few weeks learning about volcanoes.  We ended with an experiment.  It went way better than we expected.


We went to Indy this weekend for a wedding.  Kevin’s cousin, Danielle, got married in Lafayette on Saturday.  It was a beautiful wedding and the kids had a lot of fun.  Daphne is really amused by weddings right now – so she was thrilled to go.  



One major milestone met this summer was this:


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