Disney’s Aladdin Kids

As homeschoolers, Norah and Lucy have the privilege of participating in a WONDERFUL drama class.  The first half of the year the class plays drama games to help with imagination, voice inflection, facial expressions, etc.  The second half, the class works on a musical that is performed at the end of May.  For those of you who know my girls, may be shocked that they even enjoy something like this.  They are SO quiet when they are away from the house.  However, they LOVE this class.  The director is amazing!  She is so incredibly talented and is really great with the kids.

This year the kids performed Disney’s Aladdin Kids.  The girls were citizens of Agrabah.  Image

Lucy and Norah with their good friend, Lily.

ImageNorah and Lucy with their director, Mrs. Beasley.


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