Snow Stuff

Norah’s writing curriculum is similar to Writer’s Workshop. Here she is “publishing” one of her stories.

When we finished our gingerbread man theme, we jumped right into a snow theme. I thought this would be perfect planning – January in Missouri – surely we will have snow. Umm, no. Actually, it has been 60 degrees instead. Ha!
The girls had fun anyway! We read The Snowy Day, The Jacket I Wear in the Snow, and The Mitten.

The girls played with play dough. This is the recipe I use. I love it! It doesn’t dry out – it lasts forever! This time I didn’t add any color – but I added sprinkles. Daphne thought it was fun!

Lucy was helping Daphne with “The Jacket I Wear in the Snow” activity. Ahh – it makes me crazy that both the girls sit in the “w” position. I correct it EVERYDAY but they still do it!

Daphne is so serious when she “writes” – I love it! Look at that perfect grip – even as a leftie! I really hope she doesn’t lose it because I am now trying to fix Lucy’s crazy grip. Ahh!

Daphne loves her Montessori activities that are available everyday (I change them every week). She is putting “scrunchies” on a thick dowel rod. She eventually sorted them by color, too.

Daphne also loves stringing beads right now. I love the chunky beads because she can easily grip them and the shoe strings work well too.

Lucy – working on sight word puzzles from here.

And here she is working very hard to maintain a proper grip. She is holding a quarter under her ring and pinkie fingers. If she doesn’t let the quarter drop – she gets to keep it. She is doing really well – I also have her use some pencil grippers, too.

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