4th of July Fun

We had a great night with the Diehl family. I have more pics to come – just too tired to do it now. Had to post this picture, though. Love it!!

Jack-2 1/2, Lucy-4, Bennett-5, Norah-6, Luke-7, Daphne-17 mo.
We have been getting together on the 4th since before Luke (who is 7 1/2) was born. I think this is the first 4th in a LONG time that there isn’t a brand new baby or one on the way.

4th of July Weekend, Part 2

Last night we went to Heritage and Freedom Fest with the Morrison’s. They ran around and played in the Kids Area – all kinds of free activities put together by some of the local churches, then they rode a couple of carnival rides and then we had a little picnic.

Norah, Savannah, and Sawyer spinning on a teacup. Lucy is not a huge fan of rides so she opted out on this one.

Notice that Lucy is holding on for dear life! Plus, she wanted me holding on to her. Lucy rode the carousel twice because nothing else appealed to her.

Our little Statues of Liberty

Norah, Savannah, and Sawyer rode the Ferris Wheel with Ryan. Again, Lucy opted out.

Daphne’s attempt at the hula-hoop.

Relay race with daddy

Face painting. Lucy opted out of this also. I think she was overwhelmed by all the people. . . and the heat.
Everyone had a great time and was ready to hit the sack as soon as they had their baths!!

4th of July Weekend, Part 1

We started our weekend off by heading to the annual parade. The girls were ready with their bags – and plans to collect as much candy as possible.

Daphne wanted to be in on the action as much as possible, too!!

However, she had to be held or moved away from the street. She did not want to sit still for long!!

I know the bag is in the way, but you can sort of see Lucy’s hand waving. I don’t even know who she was waving to – probably a politician – but I thought it was so cute!!

A Day at the Zoo

We have had some INCREDIBLE weather here this week! We decided to take advantage of the nice weather and take the girls to the zoo. Yesterday was our 10th anniversary so Kevin took off work a few hours early.

I think everyone in the Missouri and Illinois had the same idea because the zoo was crazy busy when we got there around 2:30!

Daphne’s first time on the carousel! She loved it!!

Loving the train ride! Thanks, Aunt Alison, for the zoo membership! Best Christmas present ever!!!

I had to practically bear hug Daphne in my lap because she would NOT sit still on the train!!! She is a lot busier than her sisters ever were at this age!!

Checking out the elephants. When she first spotted them, she actually gasped and grinned from ear to ear.