Decorating Ideas

I have decided to redecorate Daphne’s room. I have some many little projects to get done that I am going to attempt One Project a Month . . . again.

While I really liked what we chose for our baby room at the time, I am ready for a change. I thought we were choosing something neutral – since we didn’t know what we were having and I knew we wouldn’t be changing our baby bedding with each kid. Now after having 3 girls, Daphne’s room looks sort of boyish to me. We chose an “Americana” theme – tan, navy, and red. I love our quilt – my grandma made it for Norah – so it will be going on her bed to sleep with or in her keepsake box for awhile. (I will post before and after pics).

Anyway, I have some ideas floating around, but I am looking for more. I don’t want to spend a lot of money and I know some of you are great at redecorating on a budget.

The walls are going to be “barely pink” and I bought a fabric that I love for the windows. What I need are some suggestions for wall decor and such. I want to go with a cottage style look – light colors and light and airy accessories.

Here are some pics of the fabric I bought for the curtains:


3 thoughts on “Decorating Ideas

  1. Hey Heather! Up late looking at blogs finally. Anyway, got your message & will try to call you sometime next week. It's been a crazy week (& I should be in bed!). Anyway, FYI – Jessica (my sis-in-law) makes AMAZING wall art based on any fabric you give her. She's done name pieces for both my kids & then recently did a collection of 3 canvases in our kids' bathroom based on a whimsical print shower curtain I had gotten at Target – I love it! Anyway, keep it in mind b/c I think she would love to do something with that fun print! :o)

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