• One more day to enter my giveaway! Check it out!!
  • My friend, Andrea, who is Mrs. America competed in the Mrs. World Pageant in Vietnam and came in as 1st runner-up! Congrats Andrea!!!
  • We have had INCREDIBLE weather this weekend!! After a week of rain – we are soaking up the warmer weather!! The girls helped Kevin put up Christmas lights outside yesterday! Kevin likes to take advantage of the nice weather to get the lights up!! We just do white lights on the house and some pre-lit garland on the porch. Simple. Lucy commented on the way to church that another house looks prettier than ours. This house had TONS of “toys” in the yard. Santa, reindeer, snowmen, angels, etc.
  • After 7 months, our new pastor finally received his visa! We are so excited to see how God works through him over the coming year!!
  • We are having Thanksgiving at our house and I am so excited to have everyone here!! The girls are excited to play with their cousins.
  • I sold a couple of aprons last weekend and had a custom request so I am working on that today.

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