I feel like I have posted so much since Nov. 1 that I don’t have much to say today! Except that I have only had 4 people respond to my giveaway. I have to say that is a little depressing. Okay, so “depressing” may be a bit of an exaggeration, but I’m pretty sure more than 4 people read my blog – and most of them have children. I thought giving away a Christmas picture book would be fun, but clearly no one else thinks so. I certainly don’t mind picking out of 4 people – but seriously, 4 people?!

Any suggestions for getting more responses?
I’m not picking a winner until November 23 – so you still have time to enter!

6 thoughts on “Seriously?!

  1. I agree with Nicole above that you can post the link to that specific post on facebook. Do you know how to do that? It took me awhile to figure it out. 🙂 I like your giveaway idea! I just felt funny doing it since I'm your friend and thought it might be better for someone else to win. 🙂 I'd feel bad if I somehow won! Could you post, at some point, a list of your top 10 favorite Christmas books? We love to read books around here, but I'm always at a loss for what the best ones are and don't want to waste money on stupid ones. 🙂 So, I'd love to hear what more than just your very favorite is. For that matter I'd also like to hear what your favorite everyday children's books are too. Thanks!

  2. OK I'll tell you but I'd much rather a picture book go to someone with younger children which is why I wanted to see some of your friends win and didn't post. So please don't let me take the book from someone else but I will tell you my favorite Christmas picture book. It is What God Wants for Christmas. Yes, I know, it is a FamilyLife book, and yes, I am biased, but it is really good. It even comes with a CD of the book being narrated by the angel Gabriel (not the real one of course :), and has carols sung by children on it.

  3. I have that post marked to come back to and comment… I just haven't taken a minute to think of my favorite yet. I'm barely wrapping my head around the fact that it's the middle of November, let alone thinking of Christmas books! That's a tough choice…

  4. I read your giveaway blog but have had out of town company for over a week (they left this morn), so I just gave it a quick look at the time! I think it's a GREAT idea! Like someone else mentioned, I figured I was too old to post an entry, but now that I'm here again & you're looking for a bigger group, I'm going to that blog and doing it right now!

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