Party Time

Last night we had a Halloween party with some of our friends who also homeschool. The kids all came in costumes and looked adorable. We played some games, read a story, did a craft and ate LOTS of food!

For those of you who know me, I am not a fan of Halloween but as long as it doesn’t involve trick or treating – I will compromise so the girls can join the fun of dressing up. There were 12 kids 6 and under – it was crazy and fun all at the same time!! The kids get along remarkably well!
I didn’t take many pictures – oops. Luckily, our friend (and one of the dads), Will, is a photographer so he took tons of great pictures!
Here are a couple of cute ones that I took:

I made Daphne’s tutu yesterday. It was so fun and easy – Norah and Lucy may need tutus, too!!
Daphne is seriously thinking, “WHAT am I wearing?”
Our little friend, Jack. He is so sweet with the babies!

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