First Tooth

I know I just posted a couple of days ago that Norah had a loose tooth, but it came out ALREADY!! She was incredibly traumatized by it. She was in the basement playing and came up crying hysterically! I just knew that her tooth came out!

It is now under her pillow. We’ll see how much money the tooth fairy can scrounge up. What’s the going rate these days?
Totally forgot to take a picture – I will do that tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “First Tooth

  1. Yay Norah! I'm sure she'll feel braver for next time after the benefits of the tooth fairy!!(not sure what other tooth fairies do these days… we, er- OURS left two quarters and a new presidential dollar for Savannah to add to her collection book.)

  2. I can't believe this! Luke's bottom two teeth have been loose FOREVER and are going nowhere despite his wiggling of them…he's going to need to be more aggressive! He also doesn't have permanent teeth pushing through yet, so that's impeding the progress.Yay Norah!

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