She Knows What She Wants

Those of you who know Norah, know that she only wear skirts. Now, I don’t mean she prefers skirts or she rarely wears anything else. She ONLY wears skirts – as in she NEVER wears anything else! This summer I have let her wears skirts. Really, little girl skirts are not much different from shorts (they all have shorts underneath), so I didn’t make a big deal of it. She has one pair of shorts that Heather gave us and maybe one pair of capris. It can drive me CRAZY, but it is one of those battles not worth fighting.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, when Old Navy was having a sale on jeans – $8 for jeans up to 5T, I told the girls we were going so I could get them all some new jeans.
Norah responds, “Mom, I. don’t. wear. jeans.”
I try to remind her that it is going to get cold so she will need a pair of jeans (seriously, we are talking 1 pair not 5).
She says, “I will just wear thick tights. I. don’t. wear. jeans.”
I remind her that Savannah has some really cute jeans and capri pants.
She says, “That’s fine for Savannah, but I. don’t. wear. jeans.”
This last time she said it as if to say, “End. of. story.”

3 thoughts on “She Knows What She Wants

  1. Funny! We have MAJOR issues every year when we transition from flip-flops to tennis shoes. Mallory freaks out EVERY time and it's soooooo irritating! It lasts several months until she gets use to regular shoes again.

  2. I guess I'll be spending my Gymboree Bucks on thick tights, then. How boring! Norah always looks soooooo cute in her little skirts, though. I hope she will be this strong willed against peer pressure when it kicks in and you want her to say no.

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