Tooth #2

It has only been 5 days since Norah lost her first tooth, but tooth #2 came out too! She was even more traumatized this time. I thought she would be excited to get more money from the tooth fairy. Go figure.

Not Sure It Is Worth It!

The gloves at bedtime for Lucy – NOT going well! We are 4 nights in and Lucy has SCREAMED every night and naptime! She hasn’t had a nap all week and she is exhausted! Our normally happy child, who never gets mad or angry or grumpy has been a grump all week! She is in her room right now crying and yawning and crying! I’m not sure what to do at this point because breaking Norah’s habit was not this rough! We have even tried laying with her, but she tosses and turns and cries.

I am about to give up. I was hoping by day 3 or 4 things would be going better – but that is NOT the case! Ugh.

First Tooth

I know I just posted a couple of days ago that Norah had a loose tooth, but it came out ALREADY!! She was incredibly traumatized by it. She was in the basement playing and came up crying hysterically! I just knew that her tooth came out!

It is now under her pillow. We’ll see how much money the tooth fairy can scrounge up. What’s the going rate these days?
Totally forgot to take a picture – I will do that tomorrow!

Remember This?

Remember this? We didn’t have much luck with Lucy last year – she screamed and would sleep or nap. We decided that she was too little to give up naps so we stopped putting gloves on her after a couple of day. We decided to try it again with Lucy. My main reason for doing it now is that the girls get sick much more often than some of their friends because they always have (had – in Norah’s case) their fingers in their mouth. Okay, ALWAYS is probably an extreme, but Lucy does suck her fingers a lot!! I am a little obsessive about hand washing – I even make them wash hands every time they touch a library book.

The process didn’t go as smoothly with Norah as a few people had told us, but after about 6 months of off and on wearing gloves, Norah now has not sucked her fingers for about 6 months. However, Norah didn’t really cry about wearing the gloves. She just sort of seemed to accept it and was okay with it. She never tried to get the tape off and at one point we stopped taping the gloves – she just left them on.
Lucy is just a little ornerier so I told Kevin that the process might be worse. I had a feeling she would cry and carry on, but since they have already been sick (Lucy got it first) – I am READY to break Lucy’s habit!!
We put the gloves on her last night and Lucy kept saying, “I don’t want to wear gloves!” and she started picking at the tape right away. We knew that as soon as the lights were out, she wouldn’t be able to find the end of the tape. I also had a feeling that Lucy would cry – and I was right . We ended up putting Lucy in our bed – so she wouldn’t bother Norah. I also laid with her for about 30 minutes – she was not asleep, but was totally quiet when I left the room. Kevin moved her to her own bed around 9 – we didn’t hear anything from her until 6:30 this morning. We let her get in bed with us for a little while. Overall, I think Lucy did fine – except she has been cranky this morning. Lucy is now like Norah was – anything silky triggers the finger sucking so we have to put her blanket up during the day. She is NOT happy about that!
Naptime will be interesting. I have a feeling Lucy will be done with naps because of this. As long as she has some quiet time in her room – I am okay with that. Maybe she will go to sleep better at night without an afternoon nap.
I totally forgot to take a picture of her last night – I will do that tonight!!

We Are There in Spirit

Kevin and Lucy are at the Pumpkin Festival. Daphne, Norah and I are not – we are all sick. I have been pretty miserable since Thursday and Daphne and Norah have been miserable since yesterday morning (EARLY morning for Norah). We have all had coughs, green snotty noses, fevers, etc. Bleh – no fun at all. After 18 months of no breathing treatments for Norah, we are now doing them every 4 hours.
Lucy was actually the first one to get sick and the first one to get over it. Actually, she still has a little cold, but that may hang on for a while. My mom was in town for a couple of days this week, so on Thursday Mom took Lucy home with her – assuming we would all be coming up on Friday. Kevin had signed up to run in the Pumpkin Festival 10k, so he decided to go up last night, run this morning, take Lucy to the parade and then head home after lunch.
Let me just say that Norah has sobbed over the fact that she didn’t get to go. To people like me, the P-fest is a HUGE deal. I mean if you are from Morton, the pumpkin capital of the world – it is a part of who you are! I think I have missed twice – that’s it. This makes the third. It is not as big of a deal to Kevin – since he didn’t grow up in Morton. However, after 9 years of marriage – I think he is learning. It is a HUGE deal to Norah. She has been talking about and couldn’t wait to go! My mom bought shirts for the girls to wear while we were there.
So even though, the Norah and Daphne are still in St. Louis, they are there in spirit (and yes, I fixed their hair even though they are sick. They had pumpkin bows to match – I couldn’t resist):
Norah seems like she is starting to feel better. We will keep up the treatments until the cough goes away, but poor Daphne seems sort of miserable today. She slept well last night, thankfully, but her nose is running, her eyes are puffy, and she is just sort of fussy.

Kevin emailed me this picture of Lucy at the parade: