Well, I did it! I finished my first triathlon! I’m not sure that I will do it again, but it was a great experience! I did think I might die during the swim – it didn’t help that is was only 60 degrees in August in Missouri. At one point as I see the buoy off in the distance, I contemplated flagging down one of the canoes. I convinced myself that I probably wasn’t going to drown and I should be tired – I mean, hello, I’m in a race!! I did flip over to my back a couple of time – mostly to make sure I wasn’t the very last swimmer (our heat was the last to enter the water – I was convinced I would be the VERY last swimmer out of the water and everyone would be staring at me. I even thought someone might announce over the loud speaker that I was the very last swimmer. Ha!). Thankfully, there were a number of people behind me.

I booked it to the transition area and somewhat slowly put my sock, shoes, helmet and gloves on. You couldn’t get on your bike until you were on the street – most people probably ran, but not me. I walked that part. The ride went better than I expected. I don’t pace myself well, so I kind of needed someone to set the pace for me. I was able to find a couple of people (one being a friend’s sister). My goal in the bike was to stay on my bike. I saw a number of people walking their bikes up the big hills and I did not want to do that. I succeeded and feel like I did pretty well.
When I got back to the transition area, I couldn’t find my spot – totally new I would do this! Next time I need a balloon to mark my spot. Oh, wait, I just said that I don’t know if I will do it again. I must be forgetting the pain. Don’t worry, as soon as I move – I will remember. Ha! My transition time before the run was actually not too bad.
The run was KILLER and running is my strength. My legs totally felt like jello and I seriously didn’t think I could go any faster. The run was also very hilly – not fun. I was able to kick it into gear for the last hill and book it to the finish line.
My total time, including transitions, was 1 hour 34 minutes. My goal was to finish somewhere between 1 1/2 hour to 1 hour and 40 minutes. Totally pleased with my time. I thought my run might be a little faster and I am disappointed that my swim was kind of slow, but seriously, I just had a baby a few months ago and turned 30. I think finishing a triathlon is a big deal!!
As I said, not sure if I will do it again. Maybe once I forgot the pain, I will consider it. Actually, I would sort of like to try one where the swim is in a pool instead of a lake. Wait. . . I’m not really contemplating doing another one, am I?

5 thoughts on “Triathlon

  1. Awesome job Heather! I'm actually signing up for another (all girl) one next Saturday. What am I thinking? Actually I was thinking I spent all summer training for just one race… Might as well get another one in while I'm still in shape. Don't you feel such a sense of accomplishment?

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