My Buddy

I have to give some background before I give you Lucy’s quote of the weekend. We went to visit my parents this weekend for Contessa’s birthday party. Since the whole family was there, Kevin, the girls and I stayed at my grandma’s – which is down the street from my parents. The girls and I went up on Wednesday and Kevin came on Friday night.

When we sleep at my grandma’s we spread out and take advantage of all the beds. Usually Kevin sleeps with one of the girls in one bedroom and I sleep with the other in the apartment that is attached to the house – but all the way on the opposite side of the other bedroom. Daphne sleeps in the living room of the apartment in the pack ‘n play.
I was putting Lucy to bed on Friday night – before Kevin got to town – I told Lucy that I was going to sleep with her when it was my bedtime. She replies, “NO!! I want my buddy to sleep with me!”
I said, “Your buddy?”
She says, “Daddy is my buddy!”
I came back awhile later to check on her after I put Norah down for bed. Lucy said (while pointing her finger at me), “Don’t forget to tell daddy that he is sleeping with me!”

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