Trip to Morton

The girls and I spent a few days this week in Morton.  We went to help my mom with a garage sale – but it rained most of the time.  Tuesday evening was nice, but it poured all Wednesday morning.  We had a few garage salers who braved the rain.  Norah and Contessa LOVED playing in the rain – Lucy was not a big fan!!

We went to the park one day and to a Music Together class with Contessa another day.  Norah and Lucy had a great time playing with Contessa!!

Teach Them to Your Children

These commandments that I give you today are to be upon your hearts.  Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.  Tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads.  Write them on the doorframes of your houses and on your gates.  Deut. 6:6-9

We had Daphne dedicated at church today.  Standing as a family in front of the church Kevin and I promised to teach her about Christ.  We want all 3 girls to know God’s love for them.  We want them to know the sacrifice He made so that we could spend eternity in heaven.  Norah has already asked God for forgiveness and asked Jesus to come into her heart.  Our desire is that Lucy and Daphne would do the same and that we could nurture their relationships with Jesus every day.  

We are so thankful for 2 sets of grandparents who desire the same for the girls.  They were all at the dedication today, along with my sister and her boys and Kevin’s brother and our nephew, Jackson.

After church we headed back to our house for brunch and Lucy’s birthday party.  Other than a burnt egg casserole, we had a great day!!

You Won’t Believe It!!

Do you remember this?

We finally bought a new table!!  Yea!  We love eating outside.  Kevin bought it last Sunday and we sat out there with the Morrison’s on Sunday evening and then with our small group on Monday.  
This morning we looked outside and it looked like this.  
It didn’t even storm last night nor was it windy!!  Thankfully, Kevin took the frame back to Lowe’s (with pictures of the broken glass) and they refunded our money.  

3 Year Check-Up

Lucy had her 3 year check today.  She is doing great!  She weighs 27 pounds (10%) and is 36 inches tall (25%).  The doctor said if she stays in the 25% she will end up about 5′ 2″.  (I’m sort of wondering what that means for Norah since she is never out of the 5%.)  

Lucy acted incredibly shy at the doctor’s office – which is funny becaue she NEVER stops talking!  She talked nonstop from home to the doctor’s – about 20 minutes!  
She seems to have some allergies – so we are going to try some zyrtec to see if that helps. 
I also asked the doctor if she has a cure for “selective listening.”  Unfortunately, she doesn’t!

A Few Funnies!

Today, Lucy said to me, “Why you wear those shorts today?”  

I said, “I’m going to exercise in a little bit.”  
Lucy’s response, “I don’t like you in shorts.  Maybe you should wear longer pants and not those shorts.”
Thanks, Lucy!
Norah was talking to our babysitter, Gaby.  Norah said, “Do you know who I think is cute?”  
Gaby said, “Who?”
Norah said, “Kev.”
(Gaby calls us Mr. & Mrs. Swinigan) She said, “Who?”
Norah said, “My daddy!”
Pretty cute, huh?
Daphne’s turn!  Lucy was praying tonight, “Thank you God for Daphne’s laugh, thank you for Daphne’s little feet, help Norah’s hurt foot.”
Norah starts crying because “my foot doesn’t hurt.”  Daphne starts CRACKING up!  She laughed and laughed.  She laughed so hard – causing Norah to laugh instead of cry!!  It was as if Daphne totally new Lucy was trying to be funny!  So far Daphne is Lucy’s biggest fan!!


Kevin and I decided to participate in a triathlon.  Neither of us have ever done this before – Kevin has run a number of half-marathons and a full marathon.  I have run a half marathon, multiple 10k’s and 5k’s.  We both would like a new challenge so we opted for a sprint triathlon!  It isn’t until the end of August, so we have plenty of time to train.  

I started exercising the beginning of March – mostly a run/walk combo.  I also went to see my trainer and started strength training about the same time.  I have never been much of a cyclist – I really have only biked more than a couple of miles a handful of times.  We have a 4 mile loop around our neighborhood that I told Kevin I was going to do once or twice.  Kevin suggested I start with completing the loop once and then see how I feel.  I also want to try to run at least a mile after each time I bike – so I can get used to the feeling of going from biking to running.  
So I started out on my 4-mile loop feeling pretty good.  About 1 1/2 miles in I start going uphill – a big hill – I can hardly pedal.  Seriously, I thought I might have to get off my bike and walk it 2 1/2 miles home!!  I considered turning around, but figured since I was almost halfway I should just keep going.  I’m going up and down a number of hills – each time I go up, I am regretting my decision to bike ride and each time I go down a hill, I think “Okay, maybe this isn’t so bad.  I can totally do this.”  I get close to home and my calves and my behind are killing me!  
Now remember I thought I might try to do the loop twice – yeah right, not gonna happen this time.  Oh, right, I also thought I might run a mile.  Ha!  I put my bike in the garage and start to jog down the driveway.  My legs totally feel like jello!  I proceed to run a couple of minutes – I seriously don’t think I can go any farther but now I have to get home.  Thankfully, I only ran about 3 minutes away from the house so I run 3 minutes back (it wasn’t even close to a mile). 
When I walk in the door, I said to Kevin, “What have I done?”  I can’t believe I paid $90 to do a triathlon.  I just might die in the process!!  (Go ahead and call me dramatic).