Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’

On Monday, Daphne started rolling from tummy to back.  It is pretty funny to watch because she hikes her leg up and rocks and rocks until she rolls over.  She did it for the first time Monday and -unlike Norah and Lucy – she did it multiple times in row.  Almost anytime she is on her tummy, she flips herself over.  

Daphne is also scooting headfirst when she is lying on her back.  I will lay her down in the middle of the room and she will end up facing a different direction and in a totally different spot.
Because of the teething (teeth have not broken through yet) she is biting on her tongue.  It is pretty cute because she is constantly sticking her tongue out and biting down.
Eating cereal is going great!  I was giving it to her in the morning, but she really would barely eat 5 bites and would spit it out as if she was finished.  Yesterday, I gave it to her in the early evening (during her fussy time), she ate it all and fussed between bites as if she wanted more!!  I think I will stick with this time of day – she didn’t make a mess at all.  

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