Daphne has been incredibly grumpy this week.  At the beginning of the week, I assumed it was a result of having shots on Monday.  By last night I knew that was not the case.   Of course, I’m hoping this is not some crazy crying/fussing phase we are going through.  She is really pretty happy most of the day, but 4:00 p.m. hits and WATCH OUT!  She cries if she is held, she cries if she is put down, she cries in the bouncy seat, she cries in the car seat – you get the picture.

So I met my sister for dinner last night – I had Daphne with me.  She fussed/cried the whole time!!  Seriously.  My sister asked if maybe she is getting teeth.  I’m thinking to myself, “There is no way this 4 month old is getting teeth already.”  We take a peek, and sure enough, there are 2 little bumps with a little white barely showing on her bottom gums.
Norah’s first 2 teeth came in when she was about 5 1/2 months.  Lucy was closer to 7 months.  4 months – that seems incredibly early.  Maybe they won’t actually poke through for a little while – wait a minute, what am I thinking?  The sooner the better, right?  Then maybe Daphne will get over this fussiness!!

4 thoughts on “Grumpy

  1. Daphne,I hope you had a much happier weekend! I think part of the problem was that I told you Grandma Jackie thought I should take you home with me! I’m sure you just wanted your mommy.Love you much!Aunt Alison

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