Daphne’s First Haircut

The results of the poll:

14 people said we should cut Daphne’s hair off at the neckAdd Image
10 said to leave it alone
11 siad to cut it a little bit
We decided to cut it a little bit.  Kevin actually didn’t want me to cut it at all at first, but the girls and I convinced him otherwise.  We probably ended up cutting about an inch off.  I just did it myself – no way am I paying for a haircut for a 4 month old girl!!

7 thoughts on “Daphne’s First Haircut

  1. The second picture is so cute. She is sitting up so straight and tall and still looks like such a peanut. Tell Norah that Grandma said she did such a good job taking the picture. I knew even before the poll that Daphne would end up with a haircut. It looks cute, but now, you better hide the scissors from Lucy!

  2. Great hair cut! I forget when I first trimmed Kaitlyn’s hair, but I know she was six months or less. Isn’t it crazy how much hair they can have at such a young age?Also, I LOVE your header photo. The girls are so cute! Lucy and Norah look so happy to be big sisters!

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