1 month old

I can’t hardly believe it, but Daphne is already 1 month old!!  She seems to be a really good baby!  She is finally awake about every 3 hours to eat (about once a day I have to wake her) and is eating really well!  Her little cheeks have filled out and she is just a little more solid.  She certainly prefers to be upright when held – either sitting in a lap or up on a shoulder.  Unless she is sleepy, she does not want to be cradled.  

Her nighttime sleeping is okay.  We have had a rough couple of nights with her crying quite a bit between feedings.  I bought a swaddle me blanket because she sleeps better if she is swaddled.  The regular blankets just were cutting it anymore because she could wiggle free.
She doesn’t love the pacifier – sometimes she wants it when she is trying to sleep.  She did suck her thumb today!  Gasp!  Not her fingers like Norah and Lucy, but her thumb.  I do intend to encourage the paci since it is clearly not easy to break the finger/thumb sucking habit.  
She already seems to enjoy watching her big sisters run around.  She follows them with her eyes and kicks her legs in excitement.  

2 thoughts on “1 month old

  1. Daphne sounds so much like Morgan! Morgan hated being cradled when held, she never really like the paci much (completely gave it up all on her own around Thanksgiving), and she slept so much better in her swaddleme blanket. She, too, kept kicking off her blanket. When we switched to the swaddler, she really started sleeping so much better. I love looking at your blog and keepin up on your three little angels! 🙂

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