Pray for Little Tess

Although Tess is not someone I know personally, her story touches my heart because she reminds me of Norah.  Tess’ mommy was a year older than me in school and her family (like mine) has lived in Morton forever!  Our parents went to school together (as with Libby and I, not the same class, but you still know everyone) and her aunt, uncle and cousins go to my parents church.  Tess has stage 4 cancer and is at St. Jude in Memphis right now.  Please read her story and pray for little Tess.  

One thought on “Pray for Little Tess

  1. I, too, have been following & praying about "Princess Tess's" heartbreaking journey. I graduated from h.s. with her grandma Cindy (and have kept in contact), and my family was close friends with Cindy's hubby Bill's family. (My older sis married one of Bill's brothers, so you can see that this family is very dear to us from various connections!)I am following the story through different friends at "home" and through the CaringBridge site and really appreciate Libby's & Spencer's faithfulness in writing and letting us know about their daily ups & downs and telling us specifically how we can be praying. What a wonderful testimony of faith!

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