Hard to believe that we are 2 weeks in already.  So much to post about –  but my brain is in zombie mode so this will not be the most organized post ever.

Daphne is doing well – though not gaining weight as quickly as the doctor would like so we will be back in a week for a weight check.  She is a decent eater when she is awake enough for a full feeding.  That’s the trouble, though, she does not want to wake up to eat.  The last 2 days have actually been better and Kevin gave her a bottle last night so I could go to bed a little earlier.  She actually drank 3 ounces and then went 5 hours between the next feeding!  I think we will stick with a bedtime bottle for a while so I can get an extra hour or 2 before the next feeding.  

Kevin and the girls went to church without us this morning.  We typically try to avoid too many public places for the first month or so of life.  Norah was about 5 weeks when she got sick for the first time and we have been doing breathing treatments basically ever since!  Whether or not getting sick so early affected her breathing issues or not, I don’t know, but I am not willing to take a chance on that.  Probably next week, Kevin will go to church on Saturday night and I will take the girls on Sunday – that’s how we did it for a few weeks when Lucy was a baby.  
  Lucy has officially become a middle child.  She just seems out of sorts.  I’m sure having grandparents here for 10 days and having NO routine hasn’t helped, but, wow, that girl is giving us a run for our money.  She isn’t sleeping well – naps or nighttime!  She is waking up at
 the crack of dawn – often before Daphne is even up.  She screams if we try to take her back to bed – waking Norah, of course.  Any suggestions on getting her to stay in bed are welcome!!!!  She spends most of the day crying or whining about  being tired, yet somehow is able to keep herself awake all of naptime.
I have homeschool stuff to post – mostly for my own sake of getting thoughts together, but I will do that in a separate post.  
Now for a few pics (I know I am a few days behind on my photo blog – I  have the pics, just haven’t posted them).

I need to try to get a good picture of Daphne’s hair and post it next to a picture of Norah at the same age.  For those of you who knew Norah as a baby and were thoroughly amused by her hair, I think Daphne’s is going to be the same.  Not even kidding – Norah’s hair stuck straight up for the first 3 or 4 months of her life.  It was long, too – not just 1/2 inch or so.  She had about 2 to 3 inches standing end to end.  Every where we went random people would comment, “Oh!  Look at that hair!”  

7 thoughts on “Whew!

  1. Daphne is so cute, Heather. We’ve had to switch back and forth with church as well and today was the first time (in 3 mos.) that we were at chuch as a family. It’s hard when everyone wants to see the baby, but so important in my opinion. Anyway, I hope she catches on to full feedings and that Lucy gets adjusted to middle-childness soon. Blessings to you guys…

  2. So glad to see pictures of Daphne. I can’t believe how much hair she has! She is precious. Good luck with Lucy. Don’t have any advice yet, as MJ hasn’t reached that stage yet. Can’t wait, though! 🙂

  3. Heather, these pics are just adorable! I want to just reach out and pet that soft, scrunchy little body! I also love the big pic at the top of the blog w/ all 3 girls.Poor Lucy, trying to adjust to being not only a little sister, but also a big sister. I know you must be overwhelmingly tired as you try to tend to the needs of everybody. It’s hard to look ahead when you’re sleep-deprived.

  4. Oh Lucy…we ought to just ship you and Bennett off to some far-away place for a bit until the two of you are done being so ornery!I hope that things are going well this week, Heather! Love the new blog banner pic.

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