A Couple of Milestones

2 big milestones to report!

1.  Daphne smiled today!!  She smiled in response to Kevin, but I saw it too!  Then she just kept smiling over and over for a couple of minutes.  Sadly, the camera was no where near us! 
2.  Daphne went almost 6 hours between her nighttime feedings last night!!  I’m sure this isn’t permanent, but it was great getting a little extra sleep.  I actually woke up before her (Lucy was crying out) and couldn’t fall back asleep, but I still got a solid 5 hours!!

1 month old

I can’t hardly believe it, but Daphne is already 1 month old!!  She seems to be a really good baby!  She is finally awake about every 3 hours to eat (about once a day I have to wake her) and is eating really well!  Her little cheeks have filled out and she is just a little more solid.  She certainly prefers to be upright when held – either sitting in a lap or up on a shoulder.  Unless she is sleepy, she does not want to be cradled.  

Her nighttime sleeping is okay.  We have had a rough couple of nights with her crying quite a bit between feedings.  I bought a swaddle me blanket because she sleeps better if she is swaddled.  The regular blankets just were cutting it anymore because she could wiggle free.
She doesn’t love the pacifier – sometimes she wants it when she is trying to sleep.  She did suck her thumb today!  Gasp!  Not her fingers like Norah and Lucy, but her thumb.  I do intend to encourage the paci since it is clearly not easy to break the finger/thumb sucking habit.  
She already seems to enjoy watching her big sisters run around.  She follows them with her eyes and kicks her legs in excitement.  

Homeschooling Update

We are making a few changes to our homeschool schedule.  I mentioned here that we were finishing up the curriculum that we had been using and I was reading/researching other curriculums and methods of teaching.  

Our new schedule looks like this (with much flexibility worked into it)

Our morning Read-Aloud is for both girls and will consist of Bible stories, favorites, library picks, and/or phonological awareness books.  The afternoon Read-Aloud will be for Norah (assuming Lucy continues to nap).  She will read to me and I will read to her.  We will have one chapter book that I will read from – the content will vary.
I have debated what to use for a math curriculum, but for now I decided to make math time more of a free time.  I have a shelf in the basement that has become our life skills/math shelf. 

Each shelf has a different activity (I also intend on rotating activities with other things we have).  For the 30 minutes of math time, the girls can pick and choose what activities they want to do.  If they tend to gravitate towards the same thing each day, I will encourage them to choose something else.  Some of our math manipulatives and life skills activities currently on the shelf include: Counting bears with activity cards that I downloaded from here, pattern blocks and pictures that I also downloaded from here, money with picture cards,

 geometric solids, unifix cubes, bottles and lids (for screwing and unscrewing), number puzzles, egg carton with tongs and pom poms, shape sorter, number puzzles, and Hi Ho Cherrio.
Norah’s Spanish lesson involves her playing Foreign Language Friends and then doing and extended activity related to the vocabulary she has learned.
For art we are going to learn about an artist or a specific piece of artwork.  She will try to imitate some the art we study.
Music is going to be kept as simple as possible.  The girls will listen to various types of music by a variety of musicians.  That may happen while they color, eat a snack or just while they are playing.  
Of course, with me having Daphne, we haven’t been baking/cooking.  I am hoping to get back into that but for now Norah and Lucy will alternate every other week.

We having slowing started doing some of these various activities, but just randomly.  Next week I am hoping to get into a normal routine.  


We are trying to get back into the swing of things – when it comes to school.  To ease us back in we mostly did Valentine’s activities.  We read Saint Valentine by Robert Sabuda.  The pictures in the book are beautiful paper mosaics.  

Norah made a heart mosaic.  Although very simple, this activity was a huge hit.  What 4 year old doesn’t love glue and paper?

Pray for Little Tess

Although Tess is not someone I know personally, her story touches my heart because she reminds me of Norah.  Tess’ mommy was a year older than me in school and her family (like mine) has lived in Morton forever!  Our parents went to school together (as with Libby and I, not the same class, but you still know everyone) and her aunt, uncle and cousins go to my parents church.  Tess has stage 4 cancer and is at St. Jude in Memphis right now.  Please read her story and pray for little Tess.