My First Giveaway!!

In honor of my 30th birthday and the launching of Foreign Language Friends, I am offering a giveaway.  I will cover the cost of 1 month of membership at Foreign Language Friends.  If you have kids ages 3-8 – this is for you.  Also, if you have a 2-year old, it would be great for you too, as long as you sit at the computer with them and handle the mouse (this is what we are doing with Lucy).  So if you are interested in giving your kids the opportunity to learn Spanish at the ideal age – check it out!!

1. Go to Foreign Language Friends, browse around, watch the video clip, read about the activities and check out the characters
2. Come back here and leave me a comment.  Tell me what you thought of the website so far and which activities might interest your child the most.
3.  I will give you 1 week to leave a comment and then I will draw a name for a winner.
4.  Tell your friends about Foreign Language Friends!  Brain development research shows that the early a child learns a foreign language, the better!!

7 thoughts on “My First Giveaway!!

  1. I think the spelling bee and animation feature activities look like they would be our favorites here!What a fun idea to celebrate turning 30! Happy Birthday, Heather.(You don’t know me..and I’m not really a crazy stalker, just Nicole Diehl’s friend..and Sonya Reis’ also..if you are a friend from Effingham?)

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