New Haircuts

Wednesday we had ‘haircut’ day for all 3 of us girls.  Norah decided a couple of weeks ago that she wanted to cut her hair to her shoulders.  I was all for that – her hair was starting to look stringy.  Blah!  Lucy’s curls had sort of disappeared because her hair was getting too long and their is no humidity right now.  I just needed something easy!  My hair is so think that it takes FOREVER to dry and I don’t have forever these days.  Norah can’t stop staring at herself – she loves her haircut.  I think it is adorable – Kevin likes it but thinks she looks shorter (I don’t know if it is possible for Norah to look any shorter than she already is).

Once we got home on Wednesday, Norah says, “I like my hair the best, Lucy’s the second best, and Mommy’s hair the third best.”  She asked me to post pictures of everyone’s new haircut.  She took the picture of me (ignore the fact that I have spots on my shirt and no make-up on – really, I can’t believe that I am posting it!!!)

Note:  Norah posed herself and then thought Lucy and I should also be in front of the Christmas tree.


9 thoughts on “New Haircuts

  1. Adorable haircuts. Ryan said that Norah looks so cute! I think that you look a little like Aunt Kathy. (This is a compliment as I also have thought Kathy was beautiful!)

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