Our Family . . drawn by Norah

Here are a couple of pictures Norah drew recently.  Obviously, with 5 people (including the baby) we are too big of a family for one piece of paper.  

This first picture is Norah and Lucy.  When we asked her why she had a sad face, she responded, “Can’t you see that Lucy is hitting me?”
Nice, huh?

This is Kevin and the baby – nothing too exciting, but prepare yourself for the next one.

This is me.  I realize that I am pregant, but I didn’t think I was that big.  I’m almost 32 weeks and have gained about 17 pounds – do I really need a WHOLE page for myself.  And if you remember right, the baby is in the previous picture.  It looks as if I will have my work cut out for me losing the baby weight.
Side note:  Norah also told me yesterday that I “looked really big” in the shirt I was wearing.  

4 thoughts on “Our Family . . drawn by Norah

  1. oh, hilarious! i can see the hitting picture being drawn in our house for sure.and i’m sure you aren’t that big! 🙂 but it makes for a funny picture. are you lying down or just propping yourself up with your arm?

  2. These are adorable!! LOVED the one w/ Lucy “hitting” Norah . . . and, of course, what can I say about her vision of your pregnancy?! Golly, maybe she’ll have to draw you on a half-sheet of posterboard by the time you’re full term!! 🙂

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