Lucy Funnies

A couple of Lucy’s new favorite phrases:

1. Wowah (that would be Norah, which she can say correctly if we tell her too), change your attitude.
2.  Why do I do all the work?  (she often asks this when she is picking up toys)
3.  Yes, Mommy and why, Mommy  (this is what she says when I tell her not to do something – such as, stay out of Norah’s bed)
I know there are many more – I just can’t remember!  I need to get better about posting things as soon as she says them! 

2 thoughts on “Lucy Funnies

  1. You left a comment a while back on my blog that I answered… but I thought I would also share it here. And how neat – you are 9 weeks ahead of me with this child. Do you know yet if it is a boy or girl? Congrats. ;)Here are the posts from my comment section:_________________________Blogger Heather S. said… This morning was rough for us! Do your kids sometimes just refuse to do school or get an attitude when they don’t want to do what you tell them? This is all new for me! I kept reminding my daughter that kindergarten homeschool doesn’t take long – the sooner we get it done, the sooner she gets to do what she wants to do. Later in the day I realized that by saying this – she may just hurry through her work. Any advice would be welcome!! Thanks! 9/09/2008 6:05 PM DeleteBlogger Sprittibee said… Heather, I would love to suggest a book for you – to save you from schooling in the box like I did for a long time when the babies were little… Cindy Rushton: A Charlotte Mason Primer and… Educating the WholeHearted Child – Clay and Sally Clarkson Kindergarten is such a blessed and wonderful time – make sure you include lots and lots of play and reading. Don’t make your lessons long. Don’t make the time at the table doing written work long. REVEL in your sweet child. You’ll blink and tomorrow she’ll be 9… and then 16… and then gone! 🙂 In Christ, Heather

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