After 6 Weeks. . .

We think Norah is officially over her finger sucking habit!  I say, ‘think,’ because we obviously don’t really know what she does in the middle of the night.  She doesn’t put her fingers in her mouth at the times she used to – when she is tired, watching TV, in the car, when she is hurt, etc.  I have even napped with her a couple of times and she hasn’t even tried!  Yea!

Norah’s big reward for filling up her chart (she got a sticker every morning if she kept her gloves on all night) was a trip to Build-a-Bear.  Last weekend, we dropped Lucy off at Shawn and
 Shawna’s house (Kev’s brother & SIL) and we took Norah to the mall.  She was very excited to pick an animal – of course, she chose a PINK leopard.  She was amazed at all the clothes to choose from (actually we were, too) and ended up picking a denim skirt that is similar to one she has and a purple shirt and leggings.  
We finished our little outing with cookies from the Great American Cookie Co.  Yummy!


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