Little Lu

I thought it was time for a Lucy update. She says so many funny things these days and has such a spunky personality. This may be boring to some – it’s mostly for grandparents!

Her sentence structure cracks us up. She often says, “Not me do that.” Last week one day Lucy said to me, “Not me be nice to you.”

When she gets hurt – even if it is very minor – she says everything is broken. If she stubs her toe, Lucy says, “My toe is broken.” If she scrapes her knee, she says, “My leg is broken.”

During the Olympics the girls were doing gymnastics all day. Norah talked about doing her “floor routine.” Lucy kept telling us she was doing her “dance dedidal” – (translated to dance recital).

Lucy also changes her clothes multiple times in the day. After nap she almost always comes out of her room with a different outfit on. If she is in trouble and is in her room, she changes clothes. Now when she changes her clothes she tells me, “This outfit for my dance dedidal.”

Lucy spends a significant amount of time each day in time out for hitting, pulling hair, or pushing. After each time out I ask her to tell me why she is in time out. Every time she says “I hit Norah again!” She even says that if Norah was not involved.

For those of you who see Lucy often, know that she almost always has a small ponytail on top of her head. She pulls it out multiple times in a day – it is really annoying to me – but her bangs are long so she needs them out of her face. Anyway, usually a few minutes after pulling out her ponytail, she exclaims, “My hair is CAZY!”


4 thoughts on “Little Lu

  1. She’s so funny. I love that you included that she spends a “significant amount of time each day in time out.” I know what that’s like! And I can honestly say that Bennett is spending less time in timeout than he used to…maybe because I’m using other means of discipline? I don’t know for sure…

  2. Eliot always hugs our dog after time-out and says sorry to her even if the dog had nothing to do with it just out of habit. 90% of his time-outs used to be dog-related! =)

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