A Beautiful August Day!

We have had a beautiful week! The mornings feel like May or June mornings!! We decided to take advantage of the great weather and head to the zoo!!! We wanted to get there early (and the girls cooperated by waking up quite early for a Saturday morning) so we left the house by about 7:45. We went straight to the carousel since it is free the first hour of the morning – Norah didn’t want to ride for some crazy reason.

We also went to the Insectarium because Norah’s theme this week is insects.

I didn’t think anyone could be grumpy at the zoo, but both girls were kind of whiny. We took the umbrella stroller so we could go on the train (I know some people park their strollers, but I don’t like to do that). This was the first time that we didn’t take the stand ‘n sit stroller so Norah had to walk the whole time. She kept telling me that we should have brought the other stroller. 5 months from now, she won’t have a choice but to walk – she might as well get used to it now.

We saw the baby tigers – so cute and playful!

We also saw the rhino – I seriously don’t think we have ever actually seen the rhino out! The girls thought it was quite cool!

We headed home about lunchtime. Norah fell asleep. We ate lunch at Pizza Street – a pizza buffet.

Despite the whiny children, we still had a great time! It was great way to enjoy the day!!


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