Contessa is 1!

It is hard for us to believe but my sweet little niece is 1! We went to Morton for her birthday party and we had a great time!!

Max & Denise invited family and some friends to the party. We all had a great time – especially the kids. Norah and Lucy loved being with their cousins!
Norah helped my mom make fruit pizza – actually Norah decorated one all by herself. She did a great job and was sure to tell my mom, “Mine looks more beautiful than yours.” Ha ha!

Denise’s parents are in town from Chile. We love seeing them when they are in the U.S. Here is a picture of my mom, Contessa, and Lilliana (Denise’s mom).

The kids all enjoyed the pinata – but they needed a little help breaking it open. Uncle Rick broke it open, but it broke open under the tree in the landscaping rocks. The kids dug around gathering as much candy and toys as they could. Funny thing is that the next day Norah and Ryan were still finding candy.

We had a great weekend! The girls and I stayed until yesterday, then my mom came home with us until today. I had a doctor’s appointment this afternoon – it was kind of nice going by myself. Also, I am EXHAUSTED so it was nice having her hang out with us today!


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