Big News

Can you read Lucy’s shirt?
In case you don’t get it, can you read Norah’s shirt?

In case you still don’t get it – I’m pregnant.

I am due January 29 so I am about 12 weeks along. I had a doctor’s appt. yesterday and we (the girls and I) heard the heart beat. I have felt pretty good this time around – which is a miracle because I was SO sick with the girls.

The girls are excited (well, for Lucy, she is as excited as a 2 year old can be). Norah has mentioned several times that she is going to be a great helper because she will be almost 5 when the baby comes.

Our original plan was to just take a picture of Lucy in the “I’m the big sister” shirt, but Norah thought she needed a shirt of her own. She picked out a t-shirt at Michael’s and we decorated it. She did most of the work – she did a great job, huh?


16 thoughts on “Big News

  1. Congratulations, Heather! I am so happy for your growing family (and happy/jealous about no morning sickness- hey maybe three’s the charm =))

  2. Oh WOW!! Congrats on your growing belly! Good for you….you deserve no sickness after having it with the first two, maybe it’s a little boy:)

  3. We are very excited to have another little cousin! Matt thinks it’s a boy. Ryan just wants to know what you are going to call it.Hopefully you will continue to feel great!

  4. What great news! I hope your pregnancy continues to go as well as it has so far! Can't wait to see Norah & Lucy w/ a little brother or sister – they will be good helpers (most of the time)!

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