Party, Party, Party

As stated in the previous post, we had the girls party on Saturday. The party was at our church – in the indoor playground. We love it because the kids a confined to one large area. No one can get lost and they can climb, run, and slide as much as they want to!

Our invitations were made by a college friend (we have reconnected recently through blogs!), Sara. She did a great job – check out her other designs here!

My friend, Kristy, made the cake. Kristy is a pastry chef/manager for Truffes Inc. Norah had this idea that she wanted a purse cake and I wasn’t sure this was something that I could make happen. Kristy did it, though, and it was incredible! When I ask Lucy about her birthday party, all she can remember is the “yummy cake! yummy cake!”
All of our family was able to come to the party – thanks everyone!! My Grandma Jacob and my uncle Mike both came down for the party! Rick even flew down for the day from Chicago! Thanks – Max and Dad for coordinating his rides to and from the party!

Norah really enjoyed having most of her friends/cousins in one place. She often talks about her friends to each other – even though several of them had never met.

The girls received a number of wonderful gifts – all of which they love! Thanks again to everyone who helped make the party a memorable one!!!
Enjoy the pics!

To view the rest of the pics, click here.

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