I was getting my hair highlighted and trimmed today. I go to a gal from my church who does it in her home (so I can take my kids if I need to). While we were there I asked her opinion on Lucy’s hair (she had never had a haircut) and she suggested that we cut off some of the baby hair that looks stringy and crazy. I used to pull Lucy’s hair up into a little ponytail on the top of her head until recently. Now she rips it out and rips hair out with it, so I have stopped pulling it up and it is ALWAYS a mess. One thing about Lucy’s hair is that it is kind of curly – unlike Norah’s, whose is very straight with a slight curl under at the bottom. Anyway, the curls just make it even crazier.

SO, I decided to have Mary cut it off and layer it just a little. I think it is so cute and not I don’t have to try to pull it up to keep it out of her face. Just getting rid of the baby-fine hair makes it look thicker. Kevin did mention something about not knowing he had a little boy – I don’t think it looks boyish, but it is short.

And here she is, sporting her new do!

Sorry for the glare in the last picture!

8 thoughts on “Haircut

  1. I LOVE IT! She looks adorable. And if my little boys had hair like that, I’d have to cut it because they would look like a girl. So Kevin, no worries.

  2. Awww…it looks really cute, I love the curls! Donnie has those same curls, but we decided to cut it insted of letting it get shaggy; he was looking to much like a little girl:)

  3. Heather and Kevin, your girls are adorable. Good job. It seems like we haven’t seen you in,…forever. I need to start running seriously again so we could at least bump into you once a year in Indianapolis at the race.That is, if you are still running Kevin.

  4. Lucy looks adorable. Can’t wait to see her in person. Alison didn’t have the natural curl. That is why Grandma Jackie gave her a perm and she looked adorable also.

  5. This is Luke, Bennett, & Jack Henry’s “Nana Jo”–just had to come out of “lurking” on your blogs to tell you how adorable Lucy’s haircut is! It will be so easy & cute! I also loved the pic of Norah & Lucy in their Easter dresses a couple blogs down!

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